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  1. Is anybody have any idea how long will uscis take to respond to Notification of intend to deny(NOID)..We have submitted our response to NOID on 9 september 2019..Will my case approve i mean what r the chances of NOID to get approved?
  2. U r right..we will submit what we have..lets see what our lawyer can do..thnk u so much for ur co operaation.. Thank u so much..
  3. Is this possible to get bank account without being in the US?
  4. Thank u so much for ur response..but we dont have any joint account or any insurance policy as we hve been living separately tht's y we hve not thought of having anything joint..he send me money through western union..yes he visited once after marriage back in december 2018..do u hve any idea what's gonna happen if i fail to submitt any evidence regarding joint account or insurance policy an all tht..yes i do have my wedding invitation card,pictures of marriage n outings,whatsapp chat,reciept of gifts he sent me previously,affidavit of third party having knowledge of bonafide marriage..is this enough evidence?following is the list of things they want..
  5. We hve married since march 2016..my husband filed our petition in april 2017..we hve provided marriage certificate,birth certificate ,passport photocopies,his green card photo copy..
  6. Today i got NOID(notice of intent to deny)..what does it mean?m i gonna deny?they ask me to submit documents showing joint bank account ,joint ownership of property, joint credit card statement,jointly held insurance policy,utility bills etc..how can we show them when we r not living together..my husband is in america n i m in pakistan...plz help me understand this notice..what will happen next if my case denied?
  7. I m only worried about the mail..hopefully i m not gonna receive NOID..they have already wasted our precious time..cant wait to b with my husband..
  8. Yes my husband is permanent resident..hve no idea about PD..
  9. Thanks...by the way I m the beneficiary(female) frm pakistan..but we have submitted birth certificate,marriage certificate,passport photo copy etc..its already 2 and a half years since we filed the case i.e april 2017
  10. My husband filed my case in april 2017..now i checked my case status,it shows following👇.so how long will it take to get my interview date?its already been 2 and half years..kindly explain..
  11. Yes my service centre is california..do u hve any idea how much time will it take to get my interview date?
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