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  1. Hey All, Just curious if anyone in the Forum lives in the East Bay open to meet up. I wanted to start a support group for fellow VJ's in this area to share resources and support each other in any shape or form. I understand the difficulty of separation with our love ones can be all consuming while waiting for progress in our Visa Journey. I was thinking of meeting up on Saturday mornings in a coffee shop. Please let me know! Best, SanFranSokyo
  2. Makes sense, I guess time and chances with getting an adjudicator willing to adjudicate the I-130. Strongly leaning on submitting the 129F. I appreciate you chiming in!
  3. I am seriously considering filing since I don't have to pay a filing fee. I just didn't want to disrupt the I-130 process. (Unsure if there are known cases here in VJ that further delayed an approval) I appreciate you chiming in!
  4. Hey All, I hope ya'll hanging in there with your respective visa journey. I never received the NOA1 but instead received a text message with an IOE receipt number. I called today and discovered that my case is being process by the TSC. (I asked them to resend the I-797 form to confirm this, which I should receive within 30 days) I received input previously from this forum if my case was ever filed in Nebraska that I should strongly consider to file the 129F/K3 to attempt to move the process along. I'm not sure if this would be advantageous since my case is being process at the TSC. I have all the forms filled out ready to be sent out but wanted to hear from ya'll your thoughts and input. I appreciate your attention!
  5. Just read the Nebraska thread, I will seriously consider filing the I-129F if I get Nebraska since all I have to pay is the shipping cost. Might just well. 2 months in the PH nice. Always wanted to visit for vacay. May have to plan for that. My wife and I figure it may take a year for this process so I plan to visit Tokyo this October, Hawaii in April, and San Francisco next August for a month. (Japan is part of the Visa Waiver program)
  6. This is interesting. As I understand filing I-129F would cost me an additional $535 fee.
  7. I'll just have to be patient and wait to receive the hard copy to determine which service center. From what I gather from some in the VJ community, Nebraska appears to be a cluster mess.(hoping I don't get assign here) Either way this process will take time. For the mean time I planned to see the fam as much as possible, might just well make the most out of this less ideal situation. I appreciate you chiming in.
  8. I haven't received the hard copy yet. Just the receipt text message today. Some of the folks in VJ have started an IOE thread which described the ELIS or electronic process. I appreciate you chiming in.
  9. I appreciate your input. I saw a few threads discussing IOE and some appeared to be process by TSC and Nebraska. Actually just received the text message today and Phoenix received the Fedex package last Friday. I guess I'll wait for the hard copy.
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