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  1. Thank you so much for your statement. It really makes me feel more confident about my future 🙏🏻🌟
  2. Thank you for your words 🙏🏻. You are absolutely right. I know what happened with me is real and I have to trust they will see the truth. Thank you 🙏🏻
  3. I don’t know how you guys are dealing with your anxiety but I’m completely freaking out. The abuser will never allow me to go back to my country with my little girl if they deny my vawa and imagine this happening is torture. She is completely dependent on me. I don’t have many proofs of residence - only 3 lease agreements but no bills or joint account together. Everything was under his name. I do have statements of him transferring money to me for paying the bills. We had a prenup together and it was totally one side stating that he will never give me any alimony and making me giving up of any rights I could have. I attached it as proof of his control over me but now I’m in doubt if I should have attached it. I don’t know how immigration would understand it. I’m wife number 3. He did the same with with number 1 and number 2.
  4. @sandranj Sandra eu mandei uma mensagem no privado para você. Muito obrigada
  5. I had to withdraw because I told to my husband that I was applying for a work visa. It was the solution that I found to make him believe on me. He and his attorney are tracking me. He would know that I’m applying for vawa and I’m very scared about what he would do.
  6. The problem is that my current EAD was applied through my marriage GC application . I withdraw my I-485 and applied it again a week ago together with my I-360. So I don’t know if it will be a problem because it’s a new application
  7. Thank you for your reply 🥰 but what would be considered “on time”?
  8. Hi Dear Friends, I have a question. My EAD + 180 will expire now in September and I’m working in the job of my dreams. If I continue working there even with my expired EAD would be an issue ? What are the consequences ? I love my job and it is the only thing that keeps me sane right now + I’m about to start my divorce proceedings but I don’t want jeopardize my immigration status. What should I do? I filed my vawa a week ago and I applied for the EAD but I know it is taking forever.
  9. I just filed my vawa application today 🙏🏻. I know the journey will be long but I have faith on God. I’m glad I found you guys.
  10. They do realize and they know what they are doing. They just don’t care. Have you filed your vawa? If you didn’t just try to submit your application before your interview and show them your receipt or proof that you mail your application. I so sorry to hear that.
  11. Dear I’m so sorry to hear that and thank you for your support. People with money and power think their money buy everything. I had friends giving me bad advices just because I have a “comfortable” life. Actually my life is miserable since I met him. He isolated me from everyone. I know the divorce doesn’t affects vawa but I need to move on and I don’t want to be married with him. I want to live away of him. I just want to live in peace and safe with my daughter. I hope immigration see all my evidence and I’m praying for Vermont Officers being training to recognize domestic violence because cops are not. Last time he threatened to destroy my life and almost punch for the second time my face I went to the police station and they did nothing.
  12. Thank you for your support. I think I have a good Affidavit (20 pages and very detailed). My attorney is expert in Vawa and she helped me with it. I’m trying to get divorce but my divorce attorney is not able to serve him the papers because we don’t know where he is living and he refuses to tell me. I already checked all the possible address but he is not living in none of them. I never know when he will show up at home. He is probably avoiding the divorce because he wants to make sure I won’t be able to marry again. For me is very clear that his goal is to deport me.
  13. Hi everyone! I’m new here and today I’m beyond anxious because I will submit my vawa application. Like many of you I had a terrible marriage. I got married with the man of my dreams and right after our daughter born he completely changed. I found out that he would lie in all aspects of his life and he had several girlfriends. When I confronted him about his lies ( he would lie about everything) he became very cruel and threatened to jeopardize my immigration status and get custody of our baby daughter. I’m struggling for more than a year because he is very wealthy and powerful. He would chase me for the rest of my life if he knew about vawa and the problem is that I think he knows so I’m very nervous right now. I wish I could go back to my country with my baby but he doesn’t give me authorization to go back to my country with her. There was physical abuse ( he punched my face) but I don’t have police report because I was so scared that I couldn’t call the cops + he seems to be so nice with everyone (he is the best actor ever) that I was afraid the cops would not believe on me and would put me in jail. I have medical report and pictures. I had black eye. He thinks that because he pays for everything and we have a good lifestyle he is protected and nobody would believe on me. Actually this is one of my biggest concerns. I beg him everyday for divorce and to let me go back to my country with my daughter but he totally ignores me. Most of the time I’m alone with my daughter and the nanny and he only shows up eventually. I live in constant fear because I never know when he will shop up. My daughter is not even 2 and she is so afraid of him. I do have a good job in a great law firm but I’m about to lose because my EAD is about to expire and I didn’t receive the new one yet. Since a year ago I’m collecting proves of his abuse ( I went to therapy once a week and I have 2 psychological evaluations), I have Affidavits from friends. I don’t have any messages of him threatening me. He is to smart to do that. All the. Times that he threatened me I was not expecting and I could not record. He has a girlfriend and I have videos of him in international trips with prostitutes in boats and parties but I know cheating is not considered abuse. I do have a good attorney that is helping me and she thinks I have a strong case but I’m so afraid of him. Our interview (green card for marriage) was schedule for this month and I think he will show up there and try to persuade the officer showing how he used to “spoil” me and that he pays a high end life for me and my daughter. He is so good actor and everyone believes in him. My biggest fear is o lose my daughter and this is the way he manipulates me. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear but I’m really nervous. Please pray for me and my daughter.
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