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  1. I think your advice is very good. I’m doing therapy with 2 psychologist. One is for my PTSD and the other is specialized in help victims of sociopaths . I’m having therapy for over a year. Your suggestion of get an affidavit of people about my good moral character is very good. I’m very active on my church and my pastor also knows me very well so maybe he can help me. I had 5 friends writing affidavits but they were talking more about the abuse that they witnessed. I have more friends and family that can help me with that.
  2. I completely understand your thoughts about it. At that time I insisted with my attorney about it but she said that I wasn’t the person committing fraud or doing anything wrong. In the end his marriage was real. It wasn’t a fraud. She was a victim like I was. About see the red flags... omg you won’t believe how manipulative and smart he is. He is better than the best actor in Hollywood. When I meet him I was in need and he came as a savior. We planned to have a baby. I thought he was the man of my life.
  3. She did wrote my affidavit and she revised it. We discussed a lot about it and at the time I was confident about my story. But now I with a clear mind of everything that happened I can’t stop thinking about what USCIS will think about my story. My attorney knows me very well because I worked for her as paralegal for over a year so she knows everything I’m saying is true and she knows who I’m but maybe the fact that she was in my life during this period made her blind for the fact that USCIS doesn’t know me like her.
  4. Thanks for your opinion. I understand what you said.
  5. Hi @sandranj I do have psychological evaluation and ER Report. My concern isn’t about to prove abuse. I’m worried because when I met him he was married and I continue dating him because I believe on his story that his marriage with his wife was fake and he was with her only to give her green card. People here are saying that this could affect my good moral character and could be use against me and this fact incriminates me. I’m afraid they are right but I would like to know your thoughts about it.
  6. I have an attorney and when I asked her if I should say about his marriage she encouraged me even more to say the truth and write every detail about my whole situation. When I wrote my affidavit I was very sick, scared , depressed and having panic attacks. I was shocked with his behavior. He became a monster and I was 100% sure he would destroy my life and take my baby from me like he promised me. So my focus when I wrote my affidavit was to say the truth no matter what. My police record is clear, my marriage was real, I was abused physical and mentally so why I would not qualify for vawa ? because he told me he was in a fake marriage? What I supposed to do? Now I know his marriage was real but before that what I supposed to do? Report him without any proofs? It’s really complicated.
  7. Thank you for your opinion about my situation. My concern is exactly what you mention: USCIS think I was supporting his “fraudulent marriage”. @sandranj please let me know what do you think about that?
  8. Hi Dear I knew he was legally married but I believed on him when he said he was not in a real relationship with his wife. In fact, at the time I appreciated his honesty of telling me that. I would not be dating him if I knew his marriage was real. He was so nice with me all the time and he helped me a lot. After I found out that he would lie in every aspect of his life I confronted him and also his parents. His parents confirmed that he is a big lier and that I married him too soon. I had 5 witness writing affidavits about the abuse and relationship. He is a completely sociopath. When I found out he would lie about everything he make up a story that he had cancer (all lies). In the first moment I believed on him because who would lie about cancer? But after a while his parents confirmed it was just one more lie of many. He would torture me saying he would withdraw my green card application and take our baby from me just because I was confronting his lies. He threatened to destroy my life because I wanted divorce. He accused me of cheating on him when I found out he would hang out with several prostitutes. He punched my face because I didn’t want to give my iPhone’s password. He would block my credit card when I was doing groceries just for fun and I had to beg him to unblock. Sometimes he would give me expenses gifts without I ask for it and 5 minutes after he would threaten have me deported.
  9. Hi dear friends , There is something about my case that is making me feel really concerned. I dated my abuser for 8 months and got pregnant after that. During all this time he was married. On our first date he told me was married but his marriage was not real and he just got married 2 months prior our first date because he wanted to help his wife to get a green card. He told me they were living like roommates. I got really upset but I believe what he said. In the begging of the relationship he was very kind and gentle with me. He helped me financially a lot and was always with me. I really thought he had a good heart. We were dating I truly believed on him. We rented a place together after 6 months. He had his interview for green card with his ex wife when we’re dating and she got her temporary green card. Right after we found out I was pregnant he started his divorced proceedings. When our baby born we got married. In the the end I found out that his marriage was real. He was cheating her like he did with me. He has a pattern : his ex wife, his new lover and I are from the same country and city! I found out he would lie about everything in his life and when I confronted him he became very abusive. It’s was a completely nightmare. I suffered physical abuse but the mental abuse is worse. We are still married because he doesn’t want to get divorce and he is always using ou baby to manipulate me. He is a very wealth and powerful person and get divorce with a baby it’s very complicated. He lives in another state but he comes home almost every weekend. That is how he can keep his double life. Every time I try to get divorce he threatens me saying he will take our baby from me and nobody will believe on me because he give us a very high end life.All I want is to protect my baby. I wrote everything on my affidavit everything but I’m very concerned if they will believe on my story. What do you guys think?
  10. I’m very confused. I withdraw my i-485 petition before my interview with my abuser. August 2019 I filed my vawa and a new i-485. I never received a receipt for my previous i-485 regarding my withdraw letter. I just received an RFE regarding my new i-485 saying that they could not process 2 i-485. My attorney answered the RFE and after that they sent the receipt for my new i-485. On Friday my previous attorney (who applied for my green card based on marriage) sent me a Reopened Notice for I-131 and the notice was addressed to my abuser. The Notice says that the case was reopened and they are reconsidering the decision previously issued (???). I don’t know what they are talking about. Why they are mailing my abuser???? @sandranj can you help me?
  11. How long usually takes to get prima facie? I applied in August 2019. Still waiting. Is that normal?
  12. Thank you @sandranj I already submitted everything. I submitted bills, rent, car insurance. Everything from FL under his name. I have a lot of pictures of us together in our apartment in Florida. I will try to get Affidavits of friends that visited us.
  13. Before we get married he had this routine: Thursday to Sunday he was here and the rest of the week in Nj. But right after we get married he beginning not coming to Florida so often and showing up eventually. He would spend only 1 or 2 days per week or even less here and I disclosed this information in my affidavit. I never thought that residence would be a problem to prove because for me FL is our residence and even after his absence I continue considering FL our residence because he always gave me excuses that he was not here because he was working. So I have evidence that we live together before our marriage. After our marriage I have but I disclosed that he was not coming to FL very often. —> I don’t want to be with him and I don’t want to make up excuses to be with him. I just want make sure I check all the requirements for Vawa and I thought that if I reconcile with him again I will have the opportunity of gather evidence that we are living together and draft a second affidavit.
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