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  1. Hi, I was reading the K-1 flowchart on this site and I noticed something at point 21 - Apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS), EAD, AP I was just wondering what "out-of-status" means and what the drawbacks are? Some background on my situation, I have been granted a K1 visa which expires in early July. I am planning to try to fly to the US (from Canada) later this month. So, I will likely arrive in the US with less than two weeks before my K1 expiry date. Is this the date that is being referred to in the quote above or is it a new date, such as the 90s after entry? I was planning to apply for a SSN immediately and that application looks to be fairly straightforward. I'm assuming I will need the SSN before I can apply for Adjustment of Status, is this correct? If anyone has any suggestions for the best way to handle the situation or any points I should have in mind, please let me know. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi Everyone, Apologies if this is a repetitive topic, but I've been looking through previous threads and have seen contradictory information that may have also been time or location specific, so I just wanted to get a clear answer. I would really appreciate any help. I'm a Canadian citizen and living in Canada. I had my interview and was granted a K1 visa in early February. It expires in July. With the executive order, immigration restrictions, travel bans, etc. am I still able to enter the US with this visa? Should I look into possibly extending my visa? Is that even an option? Thanks in advance for any help. This site was a wonderful resource during my process thus far and I plan to share my experience once I make it through.
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