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  1. That’s a good question and I am not sure if we need it to file. I will look into that and see if we can file the I-485 without the I-693. I thought I had to file them together.
  2. I apologize beforehand if this is in the wrong section. My wife and I are at the AoS stage of the K1 to Green Card process and I have an important question. My fiancee (now wife) arrived in America November 6th on her K1 visa. We had our wedding and were married December 22. We have received the marriage certificate from the marriage license bureau and everything. Now we are trying to get her vaccinations, and ran into a bit of a problem. The Chinese hospital did not give her all the required vaccines and we have to wait a month (from today, Jan 22) to get her final vaccines and get her I-693 vaccination section signed. This will put her past 90 days from her entry, but before her K-1 is due to expire (April 21). Is this going to be a problem that we did not file for adjustment of status within 90 days of her arrival on the K1 visa? Or does the 90 days ONLY apply to marriage? Another question--she completed her physical in China and was told to give the sealed documents to the immigration officials at customs when she entered the country. Does she need to redo her physical? Or is it sufficient to just do the final vaccinations? Thanks for any and all help! You people have gotten us through this very difficult process.
  3. This is a pretty specific question. Does anyone know if we should include a UTMA account for Part 3 question 6 "Market value of my stocks and bonds"? I don't think a UTMA is either a stock or a bond, but it is an investment. I do not need assets to get to the 125% over poverty line, my salary is plenty. Let me know if anyone has an opinon! Thanks
  4. I’m China (the beneficiary is). Does my profile say Armenia?
  5. There is only 1 year (2016-2017) I was on a work visa in China and made more than 12,000 USD. Otherwise my only reportable income was a 3000 RMB/month scholarship stipend. Im thinking I’ll need to talk to the IRS and try to file for that year. My coworkers said I didn’t make enough to be taxed, and I assumed they meant I didn’t make enough to file. Oops!
  6. I printed my tax transcripts buts it’s pretty worthless since I haven’t filed in 4 years (on Chinese student scholarship). I might reach out to the IRS to see if I was supposed to file any of the years, but I think my best course is to get a co-sponsor (my mom) who has a better tax history. Is this a good idea? Does anyone have opinions about co-sponsors for proof of financial responsibility? i have 8 months of pay stubs, and a letter from my work describing my position as permanent. Plus I make well over the 125% guideline. Still, I am nervous my lack of tax returns could hurt me.
  7. This has been my experience so far. Our proof was so clear and evident that our process has been really smooth so far. We had an RFE, but that was because we missed a single “yes/no” question on the I-129f. Once we sent it back they gave us an immediate approval.
  8. Yeah I have 6 months of earnings and proof that it is a permanent position and salary. As for the proof in school and support, I have those things I guess. I’m more worried the IRS is not going to be happy with me.
  9. I was not, I was a student on scholarship in China. I had no reportable income.
  10. I’ve received my NOA 2 and am waiting for NVC to receive my case. I am compiling the necessary documents for the affidavit of support and I have some tax questions. The last five years I was studying in China and never had a declared income large enough to file taxes on it. As such I haven’t done any tax paperwork for 5 years. Is this going to be a problem for the affidavit of support? I have been working now in the US since April, so I have half a year of pay stubs. And I have yet to file for taxes on this new income. So I’m not sure I’ll be able to provide this from USCIS website: A copy of your last income federal tax return filed, or a report of commercial rating concern (if self-employed) Thanks in in advance for help!
  11. You can check my post history for more detail, but I just missed one yes/no question on the I-129f form. The RFE was just a paper with that question, I checked the “no” box, and sent it back in their pre-addresses envelope. I’m pretty sure they had already “approved” my petition, I just made one dumb mistake they couldn’t accept.
  12. Received my NOA 2 yesterday (Sept 3). Now what should I be doing to prepare for this? I am actually going to visit my fiancée in China tomorrow. Should I bring anything to her?
  13. RFE was received and processed and yesterday I received our NOA 2! Now to brush up on everything we need now. NOA1– May 9 RFE— Aug 7 RFE Reply— Aug 27 NOA2– Sept 3
  14. Sure, start making copies for all your immigration documents and keep a file in your home. That’s what I do with every document for immigration.
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