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  1. Amazing news!!!! Big congrats to you both. Remember that it may take a day or so longer because you are inter state. And I may have got super lucky too, so if it does not come in a few days don't stress. You're done and it will be in your hands very soon. Good luck on the journey ahead
  2. At my interview at the Sydney consulate the CO advised me it would be 2-3 weeks before I would receive my passport in the mail.....instead it was less than 48 hours! (live in Sydney) So over the moon for the USA journey to finally begin!!! Flight already booked for March 4th ✈️🇺🇸 Best of luck to all on their journey ahead. After months on here reading every little comment just in case I could learn something I am taking a break for a while. Thank you for anyone that has been kind enough and patient enough to answer or comment on any posts I have had in this thread or in the NVC thread. From my DP you may be able to tell I love my food, and coming to US of A means a rainbow of new fatty food to explore. So I have started an instagram account to track my 'hunting' of this food. If you have any interest in food accounts check it out - @fat_safari --- Eating in March 2020 Bye for now
  3. Interview done and all approved! It's weird I don't feel like anything has happened at all. Like I feel there are more hoops to jump through...but that's pretty it for now. I guess it has not hit me yet. Had my medical last Friday and it had already made its way to the consulate thank goodness. Time to pack, pay my fee and wait for the passport then its USA time! Best of luck to all
  4. That's so frustrating! I am sorry to hear My suggestion would be call another couple of times to get different people and point out the obvious. You can't replace it with a different one because you have the right one. Beyond that you could try to get a local senator rep from where your partner lives and get their office to appeal on your behalf. Or just suck it up, resubmit again and hope you get someone with half a brain who check it next time. Good luck!
  5. Interview Feb 4th and our 2 year anniversary is Feb 10th! So good timing. So through all the delays and stress...the silver lining is I will get 10 year green card at POE.
  6. Thanks! Yeah When I confronted my immigration lawyer with the fact that I had called the Sydney Consulate and they had confirmed I would not need a new one, she still tried to fight me on it saying there are quite often delays in processing blah blah her professional opinion blah blah. But she has done nothing but lie and screw up our progress at every stage so we are not listening to a word she says. Fingers crossed for you that you get some positive news by tomorrow. There is absolutely no doubt you have the correct police check. You will get DQ soon, just hold tight a little longer.
  7. Hi, I have my interview coming up in early February and my immigration lawyer has stated I will need a new Police check. The one we submitted to the NVC (and was approved) was from May 2019. Thoughts on if this is actually the case?
  8. Hey @dwheels76 I received my IL a week ago (Interview Feb 4th) but when I check the status it still says at the NVC....Should I be concerned? Or can they just sometimes take a while to send to the consulate? Thanks!
  9. Thank you!!! Here's hoping for you! I think you should be fine to get an interview for March
  10. Got that sweet IL baby!!!! DQ: Dec 12th 2019 IL: Jan 15th 2020 Interview: Feb 4th 2020 Sydney consulate Time to book that medical and prepare for my interview! I have also updated my timeline and filled out the spreadsheet form like a good boy Yieeeeew!!!!
  11. You are welcome. I am not sure what country you are from but hopefully IL comes for you soon. I think you will find this is purely country (consulate/embassy) specific. So they are for Australia, and probably are still in many other countries, but judging one country on another makes no sense. Like dwheels has said previously. Most places schedule their interviews over 3-5 days until they run out of slots. Of course it may in some cases run over 6 days or even as little as 1-2 days. It all comes down to your consulate/embassy and how many slots there are and where you are on the list. Best of luck to us all!
  12. Just got off the phone with those lovely people at the NVC - 1 hour 5 min wait time (I think that is a record so far!) For all Australian people awaiting an interview...if there are any of you hiding in the shadows: They are still in the process of scheduling for the month of February. I thanked the woman for her time and was about to get off the phone and she quickly told me that she can't tell me when I will receive a date. Which made me laugh because it was clearly a knee jerk reaction to every call she gets with people hassling them with questions they can not answer. Big thanks for the tip @dwheels76 - I read it about 200 comments back when you were responding to someone about how and what to ask with regards to interview appointments. For those playing along at home the question was : "Have they started scheduling at *insert consulate/embassy here* yet?" I added for February. and then I just reconfirmed the fact, asking if they were still scheduling interviews. In other words, is the process still ongoing right now. Again a huge thanks for everything you do @dwheels76 and the continual knowledge you impart onto us all...not to mention your patience Have a great day/night all!
  13. You should be fine. I had full printed out travel itinerary, letter from employer stating I was full time and had been working since blah blah date and was expected back at work on XXX date and even a letter from our immigration lawyer. I was travelling with my wife. We got there to see a huge line (for non citizens), and my wife simply said to staff that we are a married couple (she is a US citizen). And we went in line together while for US citizens. The whole process took 5 minutes, the lady questioning us was lovely and I did not need a single one of the documents I brought. So If you are with your partner who is a US citizen then go in the US citizen line with them. But make sure who have as much evidence as you can linking your ties to AUS. At the very least it will make you feel more comfortable to have evidence. You will be fine. Be honest when asked questions and just relax. Don't listen to the horror stories people tell. There are probably details they are not mentioning.
  14. On Travel.State.Gov it says the following: Obtain the following records and bring them to your medical examination: Your vaccination immunization records Any prior chest x-rays Copies of your medical history records Your passport, identity card, laissez-passer, or travel document Is it essential to bring medical history records to this appointment? What if it is not possible? I have a complete vaccination immunization record, just not medical history record. Also a have had a couple of chest x-rays over my life, but no longer have them in possession. Will this be a problem? Thanks!
  15. Thank you!!! I am sure you will be Who knows we may even end up with the same interview date !
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