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  1. That’s what I thought. Do you happen to know if I can get health insurance without having the green card yet?
  2. Hi, my fiance doesn’t have health insurance and I’d like to have one for myself. However, I’m not sure if I’m able to get one after we get married and I’m in the process of waiting for the green card. Does anybody know what are my options? Should I get a travel insurance instead or that wouldn’t count since I’ll be married in the U.S.? Thanks for you help.
  3. 😆😆😆 I know, right? I have a meeting with a lawyer on Friday since I have more questions but right after that I’m dragging him 🙈
  4. Is that how it is called when I’m already in the US? Do you know if that changes anything in the process?
  5. Hahaha I feel you, I’m in the same situation and it gets annoying. I wish he knew earlier that he could file the taxes and pay them later. I’m glad you shared your experience with me I was starting to feel helpless.
  6. Marieke, I think that my fiance has the same problem - laziness and the paperwork. Thank you very much for your help.
  7. Thank you. Exactly, we are not even married yet. I’m trying to figure out the best way how to procede with it. My visa expires soon and I don’t think we’ll be able to figure out the taxes before that. However, as you are suggesting we could get married before my visa expires and file for green card after the taxes are sorted, do I understand it correctly?
  8. He owes taxes for three years ever since he was w9. I don’t really understand how that works but we’ll hire someone to do the taxes for him. I was asking here since I wasn’t sure if he’ll be even able to petition for me and I’m glad you helped me. One more question - in your personal opinion, do you think that this whole situation might delay the green card process?
  9. Nope. He didn’t have any exemption or anything like that.
  10. Thank you for your help. We’ll start working on it. I was afraid there is no way around it once you don’t even file the taxes.
  11. Thank you Marieke. He didn’t even file the taxes. I assume that then it might not be possible for him to petition for GC for me, is that right? Or would a payment plan help even in this case?
  12. Hi, my fiancé hasn’t paid taxes and I know you need to send the tax return with application for gc. I’m wondering if an installment plan from IRS would be sufficient or if there is another way how to prove you are going to pay the taxes eventually. Has anybody been in the same situation? Thank you for your help.
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