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  1. Hello! I have another concern regarding the proof of ongoing relationship. I am doing a thorough research on how to do the application process for a k1 visa since me and my fiance are planning to apply this November. I understand that we need proof of relationship or ongoing relationship once we apply for the form I-129F and I think we have everything that we need: pictures when we met (we met twice and he stayed with me each time for a month in the past year), his boarding tickets and passes, chat and call logs and receipts from the apartment we stayed in together. But what concerns me is this: let’s say the application is approved and it says we need proof of ongoing relationship after the approval. My fiance wont be seeing me again soon and we wont have any recent pics together aside from the ones that we will send in the I-129f. Do we need more photos together after it has been approved? Or will call/chat logs will suffice for another round of showing we are still together? Thank you for the future answers!
  2. Thank you so much! And one more thing though, when doing a letter of intent to marry, can i just scan a letter that I did with my signature in it? Or do I need to send him an original one with a wet signature?
  3. Hello! Me and my fiance are planning to apply for a k1 visa within this year and we are curious about the proof of a legitimate relationship and the fees needed for the application. We have these questions: 1) Do we need to pay the full amount of about 2,000$ or more immediately after filing? Or we just pay it depending on the step of the process? Can anyone tell us a timeline when and how to pay? 2) Who will be doing and compiling the proof of ongoing/legitimate relationship? Is it my american fiance or will it be me to do it and present it to the embassy once for interview? 3) we have pictures whenever my fiance visits me in the philippines. But he has a handful of pictures where he wears sunglasses outdoors. Can we use them as eligible photos to present as proof?
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