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  1. So i dont need to have a job sponsor inorder to do the 6 or 1 year visa? i plan on going on here to get my visa. vietnamvisapro.net
  2. I am a US citizen and would like to know, can I stay in Vietnam for 6 months (without leaving every 3 months) with a 6 month BUSINESS visa? Do i need to have a sponsor or a job lined up to apply for the 6 months? Or can i easily apply just like with the 1 month and 3 month? thanks
  3. What a joke this system is. If you ask me, if the Petitioner is in the USA and the fiance is in her home country, that would be considered a FAKE relationship because two people who truly love each other need to be together. Not spending time apart.. Also, how does having a job right now guarantee it the next day? Like a said, the laws in this country are a joke. And Im a 7th Generation American.....
  4. AOS is still a long way to go. From what Ive heard, there is no time limit to when to do AOS. You can do it whenever you want. Im just more concerned about this step (I-134 and interview). Also, I told my boss to keep me in the system. Hopefully the the HR person didnt accidentally take me off of payroll. Will they government know that Im still on their payroll? Will they contact them?
  5. I work at a restaurant and got hired in Jan 2018. I am currently on un-paid leave. I left last month (July). All I have to do is walk into my managers office and they can schedule me again, it's that simple. I am going to be living with my fiance in her country until the interview comes up, it should be around november or december (thats what we are hoping). When the interview comes up, they will be asking for previous paychecks and W-2. So if I show them my May, June, July paychecks and my 2018 W2 (I made over the poverty limit $18,000, I am single never married and have no kids). Will this be acceptable? How will they know if I am still employed? Will they call my manager? Also, an employment letter wouldn't do any good because those things can EASILY be faked.
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