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  1. I believe they said there were 4 dates available in December when they got theirs. Pretty sure the dates went to December 19th or so. So I assume the whole month is filled.
  2. Any luck on a interview yet. We've been waiting 8 weeks now this is getting crazy. Also I guess the email saying they were going to open up dates the first week in November was wrong.
  3. Yours moved superfast wow and then even faster through NVC usually that takes longer. We didn't get to the embassy until over a month after Noa2.
  4. Thats a long wait especially adding in waiting for the interview part. (But thats a kenyan embassy issue the interview part wait). I'm so glad you finally got a interview.
  5. That is true. Thankfully we will be first in line. Noa1 was May 3rd Noa2 was August 8th What about you guys?
  6. Dang. I'm praying this week but I'm unsure since they were incorrect in the email. They said they'd open dates the 1st week in November but instead opened some at the end of October. But I still remain hopeful that sometime this month it will happen. I will post if they open up though... good luck..
  7. They finally fixed our payment. Now if a interview date would just open up. Any luck guys?
  8. Thank you. I knew something was wrong when we had no confirmation by Wednesday. He made the payment in Kenya on Friday. They at least are responding and trying to resolve the problem. Hopefully no interview open before then. Our son was really hoping he'd be home by Christmas but probably not.
  9. Wait for them to figure it out. They said if interviews open before then we can't help you get one. So if we miss the next set were just out of luck. They said it can take up to 5 business days possibly longer.
  10. Update: Our payment was somehow lost. Oh how I hate this embassy more and more by the day.
  11. When I called they said most likely by Tuesday or Wednesday because Saturday and Sunday aren't business days. So hopefully we both get the December dates.
  12. We paid but got no confirmation from the embassy.
  13. Thank you. I think we got one but unsure he paid via mpesa. But they said at the embassy it can take 2 business days to go through then we schedule a appointment. I hope he was explaining that wrong.
  14. We're in the same position. We've been trying to pay and get a appointment for weeks now. And I know someone who's been waiting like 6 weeks. Apparently this specific embassy takes 2 to 4 months to schedule a interview date. Guess our luck ran out. I just keep praying and checking but nothing.
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