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  1. You guys and your "Texas Service Center". My expected NOA2 is September 2020. If I was at Texas we'd be moving home this summer, now it looks like next. Ill never be able to forgive USCIS for this unfairness 😉
  2. Just saw they are letting the HK Consulate workers leave HK if they'd like.... Wonder how that will impact things here.
  3. We're living in HK (with 130 @ Nebraska and a late Sept '19 PD). They just extended school closures until March 16th. Only on week two I think now of it and our two kids (4 and 5) are bouncing off the walls. Work from home is also kind of a joke here in most HK apartments.
  4. Thanks! Was it something like your husband's job was being moved back to US or? That is one of the ways I am trying - if my company moves from role/position to US.
  5. Did you expedite? Can I ask for the reason? Am trying now to make a strong case but having a hard time haha.
  6. This is my guess - that we'll have interview at the HK consulate sometime early 2021 ish? Likely to all move back Summer 2021, perhaps I (USC) will go a few months earlier... My wife won't quit her job before I have something lined up stateside...
  7. Ahh, I see. No prob! Did the Embassy say when she should expect it back? It will mail or she will pick it up? I think here in Hong Kong we can go back to pick it up or they will mail it.
  8. Goodluck man! So you filed in Sept and your wife already has had interview?
  9. This is not why people are filing the 129f. For a while there it seemed that 129fs were getting looked at much faster than 130s and then the officer looking at it would deny the 129f and approve the 130 thereafter. Doesn't seem to be working now as much as it did with "LIN" receipts, but at a minimum the official processing times for 129fs are shorter than 130s so you could technically bug USCIS earlier for a response to your 129f. Haven't really seen any stories of anyone doing this yet though.
  10. Unfortunately I don't think it will help, but people say it cant hurt so go for it if you'd like.
  11. Ohhhhh yeah that is a bummer, big time. Sorry but welcome, we are a good natured bunch. My PD is two months past yours about. Hoping we see improvements to the IOE / load balancing process in coming months. Only time will tell - best we can do is prepare for all the docs needed at NVC...
  12. It is serious, and we are all in this together. It was just a play on Back to the Future, no harm meant. We all make typos. Hang in there!
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