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  1. I would say if you are paying taxes on the whole rental income received, than that's fine - she doesn't need to also pay taxes on the same income...? (at least this is what i do)
  2. Airport should be open now and mostly back to normal...
  3. I have read the form and didn't see anything but someone had told me to be sure to disclose/make note of it. Asking here (as I am unsure I thought thats one of the things this forum is for) in case there is another form or something where this might be noted. Sorry if I have wasted your time.
  4. Hi there - is there anywhere on the i-130 form where we would put whether or not the beneficiary has a second citizenship, other than the one they are going to be using during the whole process?
  5. Ahhhhhh, yes true...that makes sense, and I guess than a green flag or any previously vetted filings or an anything wouldn't really in the end speed anything up... so maybe not too much to ask but it probably wouldn't do any good! Thank you! I see these IOE numbers people seem to be getting back generally mean less "waiting with nothing happening at all time" ? Is that true to any extent? Is it just random that people get these or becoming more the norm?
  6. The only relationship being is that they are pieces of evidence/background of beneficiary for the i130 - things that have already had some due diligence and verification gone into them. I know there is none other but maybe there could be, and I know they don't help to fast track, and wasn't really asking if they do, but maybe they could. When we get punched up on some system perhaps some things could stick out and in the end maybe result in less processing time than perhaps a super, much more complicated case. And yes, I would assume anyways as it is today more complicated cases take longer... We have red flags that might make things longer, why not green flags that speed things up? But alas yes, I guess it is too much to ask 😉
  7. My spouse and I have had two kids here in Hong Kong (where we have been living for past 6-7 years) and have consular report's of births abroad for each child. Don't they need to review marriage and authenticity of the mothers information etc when approving these? My spouse, also born in HK, has Australian citizenship and has used an ESTA in the past when we travel to the US together - we are using her Aus passport when applying for the i-130 and subsequent forms - I assume this is the way to go? Also, for an ESTA isn't there any kind of background checking and verification done? Just feels to me there are certain pieces of evidence or history that should be able to fast track or streamline the process for cases with them included. Maybe that is too much to ask.
  8. Great to hear thank you! Did they also translate what I would have translated to "single" as "spinster" for your wife's "marital condition before marriage"? still cracks me up
  9. So... does an RFE extend the overall timeline or can we respond to one in parallel and it doesn't hold up anything on the processing side of things?? If it will prolong overall timeline, I don't mind paying some dough now for, looks like 33 bucks a page at https://www.rev.com/translation, as an insurance policy... Thanks!
  10. Hello! I am a US citizen living in Hong Kong and my spouse was born here in HK but also has Australian citizenship. Her original birth cert and our original marriage cert are both in English and Chinese (interestingly her birth cert is English first then Chinese right below, and on the marriage cert it is Chinese first and then English right below - I am assuming this is pre/post handover of HK back to China). Anyways - should we be worried about getting them translated by a certified translator? Will them being in both English and Chinese be good enough? (I would assume yes for sure but have seen/been told otherwise - that we might get an RFE asking for them to be translated anyways). Seems silly but wondering if anyone has any personal views on/experiences with this topic? thanks!
  11. Thank you, that is encouraging to hear! I usually only see advice to NOT travel to the US while everything is pending. We (im USC and spouse is HK born with Australian citizenship) are going to need to make a couple trips so thanks for some good news!
  12. Hi there! Curious - did you travel to the US under an ESTA while i-130 is pending approval? No issues at the border?
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