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  1. Hi ! Sorry about the late answer, I’ve been away and really busy lately ! My fiancé ended up receiving an email a few days after I scheduled my interview online. I had absolutely no impact on my interview which was on August 21st and I got approved ! If the case says “Ready”, I would schedule the interview online, and do the medical exams, the DS-160, photos, etc... Careful though, the medical exam is only valid for 6 months in France. I hope this helps, and best of luck to all of you !
  2. Hi Keyo ! Apparently and from what I have heard from someone else, once you have a case number, you have to at least wait for your status to change from "In Transit" to "Ready" on the ceac's website, otherwise you won't be able to schedule your interview and you will get an error message. My case status has been saying "Ready" for 4 weeks and I was able to book my appointment. That is for France only though, it may be different for other countries and depending on your situation. I hope that helps ! I will let you know if I hear anything or if my interview gets cancelled (but I really hope not !) Good luck everybody !
  3. Haha it kind of feels weird to write in English indeed ! If it says « in transit », then I definitely think you should at least wait until the status says « Ready » (see my picture). It probably means that the embassy hasn’t received your case yet. That’s my guess but I’m not sure. You actually did help me a lot too because it means that maybe it is not so bad for me that I already scheduled my interview without a letter/email from the embassy. So thank you ! Best of luck for everything
  4. Hi ! Of course, I will try and help the best I can... Like I said, I did not receive any letter or email from the embassy in Paris (not yet anyways). The last document we received (my fiancé received it) was an email from NVC dated July 9th, with a case number (if you are French it should stare with PRS +10 numbers). But that email also told us to wait until the embassy sends me a letter or email to schedule my interview. I waited 4 weeks and still didn’t receive anything, so my attorney in California advised me to book the interview anyways... On the e-mail you received from NVC, is there a case number ? When you check you visa status in the ceac website, what does it say ? If you just received the email from NVC, maybe just wait a couple days or until the ceac website says « Ready ». But I’m not sure that scheduling the interview without receiving the letter/email from the embassy was a good idea after all, I will call the embassy tomorrow to make sure, but it’s too late for me...
  5. Hi, thanks for you help ! My interview is on December 18th yes... I scheduled it even though I didn’t receive any letter or email from the embassy. Did your attorney say it’s okay to do that ? When are you going to schedule your interview ?
  6. Hi Keyo, I actually scheduled my interview without the letter and the first available date was December 18th... But thank you so much for your message !
  7. Hi everybody ! I would be really grateful for some advice regarding a visit of 2 months with an interview date scheduled. Here is my situation : My case has been transferred from the NVC to the embassy in Paris since July 9th, and since I haven’t received an email or letter for them, I decided to schedule my interview online anyways (I have a case number and I was advised to do so by different people). I was planning on leaving for good in October, but it won’t happen since the first available date for an interview was December 18th, which is now my interview date as I scheduled this morning it to make sure I don’t end up with an even later appointment... Of course I’m beyond sad and disappointed, and that’s why my question is : I have done all my medical exams last week (they are valid for 6 months in France), I have my 5x5 pictures, filled my DS-160 and scheduled my interview for December 18th. Can I still go visit my fiancé for 60 or 65 days from beginning of October to beginning of December, or is it too late for the stage I’m at ? I would come back in France on December 10th, a week before my interview, and then leave for good in January as soon as I receive my passport and visa. I have never stayed longer than 30 days in the States, and I would be traveling on a valid ESTA. Thank you in advance for you opinion and advice !
  8. Thank you for your advice, I think I’m going to schedule an appointment tomorrow!
  9. I know... I’ve been tempted to schedule the interview anyways but I’m really afraid of the consequences if it’s not how I should do it... Thank you so much, that is beyond sweet !
  10. Hi payxibka, the status say “Ready” but the Embassy in France says that I should receive a letter from them before scheduling the appointment. It’s been saying “Ready” for more than 3 weeks now...
  11. Hello CrisBR, thanks for your message. Yes, in France the medical exam is valid for 6 months so I decided to take care of it before receiving the letter from the embassy, so that I can schedule my interview...
  12. Hi Jorgedig, Thank you for your answer. I didn’t book my plane ticket yet of course, but I read before that people were able to get an appointment in a few days, for Paris anyways, so I wasn’t really expecting that part to take the longest. I guess the waiting time just got significantly worse since then... Anyways, thank you for your message. Adeline
  13. Hi everybody ! I am quite desperate and sad as I just found out that the interview appointments in Paris, France are in October or even later than that. I have read here that for those who received their letter/email from the embassy in June, the first available date was at the beginning of October. My case in being transferred from NVC to the embassy since July 9th, and I still haven’t heard anything... My medical exams are done, so I am just waiting for a letter or email from the embassy to book my appointment. I was planning on leaving on October 12th, but it seems like it won’t happen. Does anyone know if those delays are normal and when is the first available date right now ? Should I book my interview even if I haven’t heard anything from the embassy yet ? I’m desperate and so disappointed... Thank you for your help ! Adeline
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