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  1. I agree so too. Since the K1 Visa is for the ones who intend to get married in the US and they had already had a religious ceremony, the CO deemed them married.
  2. I agree. Use this instead of having her say that her father is trying to stop her. I mean, if she really sticks to her first plan. All the best.
  3. Send them a photo of that envelope and get them reseal it for you. If, by any chance, they are not willing to do that, have all the written communication you exchanged with them printed and have it with you on the day you land in the US. How long ago did you get that envelope? Keep bugging them, every day, every two hours if needed, to get them redo it for you. Better safe than sorry. All the best.
  4. I understand your frustration and, as you said, all the time, energy, money and dreams you’ve invested in this relationship. However, think of all the responsibility which will be on your shoulders and think if it’s worth it.
  5. I wonder how many people are able to take a short break or even vacation more than three times a year (and get PTO) to visit their partners overseas. She said she visited him 3 times last year and, for some reason, couldn’t do that for the last eight months. USCIS has no set rules like “you have to visit your partner x number of times a year in order to make us understand your case is bona fide.” Having met in person in the two years prior to filing the petition is what they ask for. I never read anything saying you should meet x number of times in this two year period. It’d be great if people could spend time together more often and for a longer period, but not the case for many. The way I see is, as long as she can explain the real reasons she couldn’t afford to visit him in the last 8 months, and given that she has already had the chance to visit him 3 times in the previous year, they may not frown upon that.
  6. I personally see no issues. It isn’t easy to be physically apart for long, however, as you said, Skype has been a helper to make you both keep your bonds. The other point would be suggest your fiancée to tell the CO the exact same story you shared here about not being able to leave work and take a vacation break more often.
  7. Hello! Well, my husband and I decided to have a very private and small ceremony at our house for close friends and family. So, we got our marriage license and had a friend, who is licensed to celebrate weddings, to perform our ceremony. The only things I had to go after were my dress and supplies for the party.
  8. Based on what you said, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Worst case scenario would be the painel physician ask for additional examinations. But what some said here: never lie. Give up true information at all times.
  9. That’s great you can have that taken care and could tick this one box. I wish I could have done the same. If I hear any updates about sth that may be of your interest, I’ll come back here and let you know.
  10. Hello, Adeline. I got the instructions from the Consulate in March and got to find a slot for the interview on May 02 this year. There in France, do you get to have the medical examinations before having scheduled the interview?
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