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    I am the Canadian, My husband is the USC.
    Met online. Fell in love.
    03/01/07 Mailed I-130 priority post to Nebraska.
    04/02/07 My husband (the USC) called USCIS as no NOA1 - they asked if cheque cashed. Paid with money order so didn't know.
    04/04/07 Found out money order cashed Mar 15/07. Unable to read number on back. Called USCIS. Told to wait. Couldn't find us in system.
    04/16/07 STILL NO NOA1. Called USCIS. Told to wait as California backed up
    05/01/07 Still No NOA 1. Called USCIS. Was told can't find in system and to make appointment with infopass.
    05/04/07 Husband went to appointment. Still can't find us in system. Has to write letter.
    05/07/07 Letter mailed out with copies of application
    06/08/07 Nothing. Made another appointment with infopass. Papers appear to be lost. USCIS officer faxed copy of application to CSC.
    06/22/07 Husband called - was given receipt # and told approval notice mailed out June 19/07!!!
    06/26/07 NOA2 received in mail (June 19th approval date).
    07/10/07 NVC assigned case #. SO HAPPY!!! (21 days from NOA2)
    07/16/07 DS3032 & AOS Bill generated.
    07/19/07 E-mailed choice of agent.
    07/23/07 DS3032 & AOS Bill received in mail.
    07/24/07 Mailed back DS3032 (not willing to wait for e-mail response)
    07/30/07 DS-3032 received at NVC (08/02/07 NVC replies to DS3032 email)
    08/06/07 Bill IV generated. AOS bill mailed out.
    08/07/07 AOS bill received at NVC.
    08/17/07 Received IV bill.
    08/18/07 Mailed out IV bill using expresspost.
    08/23/07 IV bill received at NVC
    08/28/07 NVC automated message says received IV fee bill
    09/03/07 DS-230 Generated and Aff. of Support package received
    09/25/07 Received (NVC didn't mail it until the 19th grrr)and mailed off DS-230 (Expresspost)
    10/01/07 DS-230 delivered to NVC. 10/04/07 Entered into NVC system
    10/15/07 Aff. of Support entered into NVC system.
    10/25/07 NVC Case Complete!!!!
    04/18/08 Interview
    06/24/08 Crossed border
    07/14/08 Went to SSN administration asking where is card. Told immigration/SSN system hasn't been working for awhile. Had to apply for a new card.
    07/26/08 Received Conditional greencard
    07/28/08 Received SSN in mail
    08/11/08 Had info pass appointment and was told should have received 10 yr greencard; have to file I-90.
    08/12/08 Mailed out I-90 with supporting documentation that we were married greater than two years when crossed the border.
    09/25/08 Received new case number for I-90
    02/17/19 Received 10 greencard.

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