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  1. Thank you David But spending more time than I already have planned would be a problem. Even though I am a pretty successful woman I do have kids here and a job. I was thinking spending more time would be too much of an expense to have on my budget. I can however visit at least 3 times. Having family like I do it seems fair that the embassy would see that coming to live there for extended period of time would be a problem Right?
  2. Thank you for the breakdown I do have an additional question. When we have to provide proof of our meetings and things of that nature. Will our video calls and our chats and texts be admissible for use? Can I get this paperwork now just to look it over before filing anything. Is there a link here to look at the paperwork and see what we should be doing now to prepare for all of the things needed? I am confused what do you mean by they do not accept
  3. We have a mutual friend. She introduced me to him after she returned from nigeria and I was not interested at first only because I have other men who were interested and I was content with just that. But i said i didnt mind chatting with him a couple of times. We talked over phone and chats. We spoke through video after a while. I didnt mind his company. We have been speaking ever since.
  4. I do not know how worrying it can be especially since I do not live in the same country as him. When you date someone close you can date and see each other differently. I do not think it is worrying so what if I am divorced I am doing very well for myself and children. If a man decides to leave a woman we have no choice but to continue on and deal with life. My second husband was married to two women at once and I had to get the divorce since it all came out. So the divorces were no fault of my own but it has a deeper history. I disclose things not to be judged
  5. He knows only what his friends have done. I do have the means to visit more than once. So I do not mind.
  6. So after my third trip are you recommending I file the paperwork. I do not want to mess anything up. He was suggesting I could come and after the second visit. I will be meeting his family on the second visit. Then going back sometime in the beginning of summer 2020.
  7. My visit was about week. I have never been that far from my kids so I wanted to just try it. But next visit will be longer
  8. I understand this. I have many Nigerians friends as well. My kids are coming with me in february. I was thinking about just marrying there later in 2020 and then filing the spousal visa. I didnt see an issue with that option just want an opinion but it discouraging that I made a first visit after 5 months. My best friend just married a nigerian and she this is her second marriage and all the things being brought up was not an issue for her. She has kids as well. I am just confused but nothing I do not mind giving time and patience too
  9. For his family yes. I am older. He attended university there. I have answered all questions please read my above answers
  10. He was talking about coming this way next year he works for the government but I am confused because I was told a tourist visa for someone in nigeria is hard to get to americs
  11. He has no kids We have the same religion I make 83000 per year My divorces are old We are 7 years age difference I never applied for anything like this before
  12. I just came back from visiting my boyfriend in nigeria. We are engaged now. We have known each other for about 5 months and this is my first visit. I do work full time at a good job. I am a single mom with 5 kids. I was married and divorced twice. I am asking if I have any red flags. I want to file the fiance visa but i also plan on going back in February 2020 to visit. Any advice??
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