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  1. Hello, did anyone else receive an email from NCV the day they got their approval letter? I recieved it within 2 hours of approval. With case ID and invoice ID as well. I read that people have to call to get their case number after several days after approval.
  2. Thank you! ❤️ hopefully it will be soon for you. I have seen people with max 13 months
  3. Hi. I did not. I was scared about that. The last date on the account was Sept 7,2019. And then approval today
  4. After 3-4 phone calls, finally our case is approved. 😪😪 Pd: august 19, 2019 Approved: april 14, 2020 Nebraska
  5. I'm just going to rant because I am really irritated with the USCIS. My PD is August 19. And according to people on here, the date shown on my account is Sep 17, 2019. Meaning NO ONE has looked at my case. I am in the middle of going back to school, figuring my school location, and holding a full time job for income purposes. And when I called them there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEY CAN TELL ME. They keep repeating the same freaking thing: your case is still in normal processing time. WELL YES! I KNOW THAT. BUT I JUST WANT TO KNOW HAS IT BEEN LOOKED AT SO I KNOW WHAT TO PLAN NEXT. NOT TELL ME GO TO USCIS.GOV TO SEE DEC 1, 2018 IS THE DAMN DATE FOR NEBRASKA 😒😒😒😪😪😪 (sorry guys, just had to let it out)
  6. I see. Thank you for this. I have been thinking of filing I129F, but keep on debating on whether it's worth it or not. I heard if you file I129F and they reject, your I130 gets processed a lot quicker too. I'm going back to school for graduate school soon, so I just want my S/O to be here to settledown before I go back to school.
  7. Hello, Just sharing my case. Pd: August 19, 2019 NOA1: August 22, 2019 Nebraska Service Center I am very anxious because NSC is still on October 2018 according to the USCIS website. And with the virus going around, I am just afraid there will be restrictions to travelling soon or later.
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