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  1. Ha Ha, aaron, yours is possibly the best answer. Others did not even understand the question. I am asksing for spousal benefits, and NOT for death benefits. OK, you are right, I will have to fight for it and educate them, and that is what strikes me as strange. Surely there must be more people in my position, or maybe older people do not much get a K1 visa. Actually SSA has a good question and answer called B.E.S.T and my wife qualified according to that, and yes I see that is the problem that the I94 expires while waiting for a green card. However the passport clearly shows she is in the USA legally, as also the receipt for the I485. I will check the website you mentioned also. Thanks.
  2. I have filed for AOS and had biometrics appointment for my wife on Aug 12. My wife has her SS #, and is 65 yrs old. Can she get Spousal Benefit social security before she is approved ? This is a tricky question and I spoke with SS and even they could not give me a clear answer.
  3. My wife did her biometrics on Aug 12, NOA date is/was May 5. 2020
  4. Has anyone had a biometrics appointment in July 2020 ? My NOA1 was approved on May 6, and I have not received any inormation as to when my Biometrics will be. Who knows even if the field office has received my application yet. Very sad situation.
  5. I am stuck on Q 1 A itself for my beneficiary's name and then it asks Questions : Does this individual live with you ? What on earth should I put in this ?Do I live with myself ? What kind of question is this ? Crazy....
  6. Don't rock the boat early. No need to explain anything. Use 1 address for both of you and submit the 485. Everyone knows people move. All these proofs etc will be needed at interview, not at submission of form. Married people may even have to work in different locations sometimes. Good luck.
  7. Sarah, did it work and did you send it in filled by hand and had no problem ? I am facing same problem, thanks.
  8. On the I-485 form there is a space for an A number. On the approved I-129f there was an A- number with bar code in one corner, should I use that A number or shoudl I leave the A- number on the I-485 blank ?
  9. Thanks, I know she has the 3025 form but will have to check if Doctor checked off or not. Is the I-765 filed at Chicago address also or some other address ? Thanks.
  10. My approved K-1 visa fiancee will shortly be coming to the US. Will I-693 medical form be in her sealed package ? I want to be sure I file the I-485 correctly to avoid any RFEs. Thanks for any information about your experiences.
  11. In Kiev, nothing is allowed inside the embassy, is there anywhere sage we can leave our things before entering the embassy ? Cell phones ? Expensive things. Thanks.
  12. I am in Kiev and have scheduled appointment for Friday Oct 4 at the Embassy at 8 a.m, ungodly hour. In their email they say nothing will be allowed inside the emabssy, no wallets, no bags, no cell phones etc. So what do we do that early in the morning ? Somewhere I saw that opposite to embassy ther is some place that stores things, will it be open at 7.30 in morning ? Thanks
  13. 'Sigh..' i guess i'll wait to sign once she joins me in Kiev on 28th, I reach on 25th. As it is, she is being a little paranoid about sending me some of her information on the net, as she is afraid hackers wil steal her sensitive info.. :))). I have most of it from when I filled the I-129F but still the DS-160 is more exhautive. Thanks.
  14. The confirmation page is definitely required by Medicom, they told me myself when I called. I started on the DS-160 today. It says somewhere that my fiancee has to sign this electronically. Do you know how that is done ? Maybe they send her an email to confirm it is her or something ? I am asking if I can just sign, how can they know it was not my fiancee who signed ? I am the one who has set up the Security question for filling the DS-160.
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