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  1. Finally after 6 years our I-601, and I-212 was approved on 07/13/2019. How long does it usually take for the consulate to reach out with a decision? they already confirmed that the consular officer was working on the case. I'm beyond anxious, reading, researching, I can use any help or info you can share please.
  2. Hi, I did the medical in 2016 but nothing has changed from that perspective. I suppose that I will be asked to do it again because it has been over a year but I do not expect any changes at that end. do they have any posted timelines? I know, the wait is unbearable.
  3. Hi, We started this journey in 2013. we got our I-130 approved in 2016. I attended the interview at the Santo Domingo consulate on August 2016. When I attended the interview, I was provided (2 months letter) with a refusal letter 221 (g) saying that I was inadmissible in October 2016 but that I qualified for the I-601 waiver. I filed the I-601 waiver at the Nebraska office on Feb 2017. We waited almost 2 years (October 2018) before we received an RFE asking for additional evidence of rehabilitation (18 years have passed) along with additional evidence to prove hardship conditions for the US citizen (petitioner and 4 kids - US citizens) such as medical assessments, country assessments, religious letters, new personal references, medical records, medical records of US citizen (petitioner) family members, public charge information (assets, skills, banking etc) I submitted all the requested information on January 2019, on April 2019 we got another RFE , none of the previous conditions listed were deemed a problem anymore but they wanted a copy of the I-212 receipt (permission to re-apply after deportation order of removal). Even though I did not need to have the I-212 (I left voluntarily l on 2006 and never returned to the USA) I went ahead and I filed the I-212 with proof that I had departed in 2006. WE FINALLY GOT APPROVED JULY 13TH 2019. I sent a copy of the approved waivers to the US embassy in the Dominican Republic. They finally confirmed receipt of the approval notice from USCIS, and they informed me 2 days ago that the consular officer is already working on the case. We can't help but wonder if anything negative will pop up. The consulate had our file for almost 2 months before sending me the 221 (g) notice after the initial interview. I can't think of a reason for them to deny the Visa but I can't help but wonder. I have been married to a US citizen for over 24 years and have 4 US Citizens' kids (All under 18). Has anyone seen a denial of a visa after 221 (g) + I-601 + I-212 approval? I'm having a hard time finding information on the internet except in cases where "fraud or miss-representation is suspected (K-1, Fake marriage etc). Does anyone know how long is taking for a consular officer to review a file i(Santo Domingo) or for the applicant to be called for another interview. We are happy but very cautious. This has been a very hard, difficult journey. Any information is greatly appreciate it . Thank you so much. If you have questions on how we were able to overcome every milestone, please feel free to ask
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