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  1. im still confused. supplement to which question on the i-129? what should i title it?
  2. so i should include the terms of service to be part of that attachment?
  3. Where do i include the attachment for terms of service? should it be an additional attachment on the i-129 form? or should i attach it to "how we met" letter?
  4. I met my fiance on okcupid, a free dating site. Do we have to prove that okcupid is not a marriage broker? Do you have to print out the terms of service? I already check "not met on marriage broker" on the I-129 form. is that more than enough? thanks
  5. thanks!!! but i will include the engagement receipt because i do want to show that i did propose to her and bought her a ring. i will include a pic of us with her wearing the ring.
  6. thank you. i will take normal photos then, lol.
  7. also, we originally met on okcupid a dating site. we then later started chatting on Zalo (similar to whatsapp or line). when we first started texting on Zalo, i told her to send me a pic of her holding a piece of paper with my name on it, including the date. we both did this. i wanted to make sure i wasnt being catfished. i want to include that chat log on the I-129 packet.
  8. HCMC Vietnam We are both very young im 30 she is 27. we are madly in love. i even bought her an engagement ring BEFORE i met her in person. i still have the receipt of the ring. would this raise eyebrows that i bought a ring before i met her? i also want to include pictures of us holding my boarding pass with the date, showing that we have met within 2 years. i will also print out a current news article from the NY Times and have both of us hold it in the picture. i want to do this to make our case even stronger and bulletproof.
  9. will they want chat logs from day 1 when they interview my fiance at the US embassy?
  10. from day 1 in our chat logs, only my nick name was used. for example, if my full LEGAL name is Christopher Henderson, my nickname is CJ i have never used my nick names on legal documents like passports or driver license.. that being said, will this raise eyebrows? do i have to write CJ on "other names used" on form i-129? i do plan on mentioning my nickname on the "how we met letter" thanks for your help
  11. ok thank you and dont worry, i have a perfectly clean record. not even a parking ticket in my name. lol
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