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  1. Hello all So, I have my interview at the embassy in London coming up and my fiancé is confused as to which documents to send for the affidavit of support. my fiancé has just returned to USA after working abroad for 5 years and currently, she is unemployed, therefore we are using her mother as a co-sponsor. Am I right in thinking that they both fill out the I-134 form and her mother provides evidence of her income with tax returns, pay stubs etc. And that is all that’s required for the interview? Then when it comes to filing AOS we do the i-864 forms? Forgot to mention, we are applying for a K1 visa. Many thanks!
  2. That's what I'm worried about, it doesn't specifically say that its not available on the reciprocity table for State Department. Having contacted my old employer in China they have told me multiple times that they cannot retrieve a certificate for me. Starting to think I should also fork out a lot of money to get it from one of these private organisations. https://lawandborder.com/china-police-certificates/ https://transferwise.com/gb/blog/china-business-visa https://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/visa/f-visa.htm Seems like there isn't much difference between the M and F visa. I will contact the consulate directly.
  3. Hello all, My fiance and I received our NOA2 last week so we are looking forward to getting the next stages of our application moving. My fiance is a US citizen but she is currently still living and working in China and is looking to leave at the end of October/early November. I have one issue. I came to China to work on an M business visa in 2018. This allowed me multiple entries into China with a maximum stay of 90 days each visit. A quick trip to Hong Kong and back would give me another 90 days. When I first arrived in China I was single and wasn't aware that I was not supposed to be working while using that specific visa...Anyway, a couple of months later i met my girlfriend and life was great, but then things started to get risky a few months later at work, with Government checks etc. So I made the sensible decision and stopped working to avoid any immigration troubles. I spent a total of 8 months in China without returning to the UK. I have read that I need to provide a police certificate for my time in China for my interview at the consulate. After endless reading and Google searches I have found that this is not possible due to the PSB in China not providing police certificates for this type of visa. So i have contacted the place I worked and they have sent me a document stating that I committed no crimes whilst employed there and I have had it officially translated. This is as much as I can do on my side. Has anyone here had a similar experience or has any advice in what other steps I can take to avoid any major problems at the Consulate in London??
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