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  1. Yes, I think it depends on the embassy. They also told me they send the appointment date 3-4 weeks before the day they collect the swab (just like the original interview letter). However, still they, said if 3 months passed and no further notifications, I need to contact them. That's pretty ironic since as I've said I must wait at least 3 months, so it's obivous that I receive nothing in those 3 months. The Consulates' inquiry answers are sometimes not quite helpful though. And thank you for your valuable information anyway and good luck with your DNA test!
  2. The Ho Chi Minh City Consulate requires me to take a DNA test to issue my visa. They received the collection kit a week ago. I contacted the Consulate and they said it takes at least 3 months to get a appointment. Is it true? Because I think it was supposed to be 1-3 months like most normal schedules. Do anyone take a DNA test tell me how long did you wait to get DNA appointment?
  3. So i only need to print those emails yeah? Thank you very much!
  4. I'm IR2 Visa from Vietnam, interview date on September 24th. The consulate say I'll need to send them some documents by postal mail before they could send me the PKT4 letter. But they also said I will also need the PKT3 letter when I mail the documents. I haven't received the letter since NVC sent the IL on August 23th, probably bcs I only register my address on ustraveldocs yesterday. anyone could confirm me if I would get the PKT3?
  5. We got interview date on September 24th, 1 months after Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  6. Got IL for IR2 and CR1 today, VN embassy IR2 CC: 31/7/2019 CR1 CC: 27/7/2019 Didn't expect to be this fast.
  7. Congrats! I see your timeline is almost similiar to me. Hope mine will get IL soon. Good luck for your interview! Btw your CEAC case status should've changed into "In Transit" or "Ready".
  8. it seems that Mumbai F categories are getting IL much faster than CR/IR. It should be at least in September.
  9. When did you receive Case Completed letter? Congratulations by the way
  10. Hello guys So I'm from Vietnam and I am immigrating to the US. My dad is already a US citizen. I'm under 21 also. I got case complete email on August 1 (July 31 in US time). My mum also immigrates and she got CC on July 27 (July 26 in US time). Our priority date is November 23, 2018 Can anyone give me an estimated month of us getting the interview? According to what I googled I think it's likely in September. This is somewhat annoying as my school year starts in August, so I can only study a few weeks before immigrating. Thanks in advance
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