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  1. Thank u!!!! This is exactly what I was talking about!!! They took the drop box away and he had to apply for a visa from scratch!
  2. He had a visa before he met me...in which he traveled with...when he went to renew it when it expired it...he was renewing it as a married person...and still got denied...I am now financially stable as I have a full time job and I am well over the poverty line now...I will try my hardest to submit evidence even more if I need it.
  3. We did not see in 2018...plus his visa denial so he couldnt travel...even after that I could not travel because of financial issues...if he explained it the way you did...no defense would have been taken
  4. Trust me I don’t mind wherever he is I will live. I was able to retrieve our past call and messages through my phone company few minutes ago they are mailing those...as for filing single when married...you try filing an immigrant spouse with turbo tax and see what they say..2018 was my first time filing taxes from a job because I was a nanny before so I can correct my taxes I just have to pay money back...not a big deal...I’m not worried about the negative comments nor anyone opinion it’s God that knows...just said how bad Nigerians have made people to think of them...since I am a Nigerian American as well.
  5. Based on your comments you are judging 1. This is Lagos 2. Immigration laws if you have nothing beneficial or helpful please don’t comment..simple..thanks
  6. We last saw in August 2017. His visa expired in 2018 and when he went to reapply because of the new immigration laws and etc they denied him. So he couldn’t come all of 2018. I will be traveling there this November and every holiday I get with the school system because I am a school social worker ( I now have a full time job) So I will be going there November 2019, March 2020, and all of my summer next year. I was unable to travel earlier this year due to financial hardships(only working part time) 25 hours a week as a school social worker and paying for nursing school (RN associates 2 year program) community college out of pocket. Plus the other bills I have car..insurance..up keep etc.
  7. We have seen each other 3 times during our marriage and he stays for a few months at a time. I actually HAD a lot of proof before the separation but when we separated I deleted everything like pictures and messages because we were having issues that time. But yes we have reconciled and we are back together. So u guys only had those three things with no pictures??
  8. Yes I filed as “single” because there was no way for me to add my spouse...can this be corrected some how I tried all the other times and when I was done filing it kept saying that I had “missing” information which was my spouse social security Not sure what that’s suppose to mean
  9. When filing my taxes it was difficult through turbo tax to add my husband because he doesn’t have a social I’m becoming worried they will deny us with this little proof. What about evidence of legal name changes...does that hold any weight. I am also going to visit him in November. His family and I speak a lot and he speaks with my parents as well. I have joint credit card with him as a user and he has me on his lease in Nigeria since 2017 and I’m on his bank account even when he pays his rent over there. I sent him money a few times are these good?
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