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  1. Yes. Basically because my brother hadn’t uploaded his 2018 tax return. When he did, this was sufficient for them and the status changed to ‘accepted’. Our visas were approved last Friday. 😁
  2. Hi everyone, I checked the Visa Bulletin today and saw that the F4 priority date has regressed to 1/7/2006 (ours is 14/8/2006) and is therefore no longer current. Our visa interview is scheduled for this coming Friday. Has anybody been in this position whilst waiting for their interview? I’m guessing the interview will still go ahead but that they will hold our visas in abeyance until our priority date becomes current again? Just when you think you’re finally there...!!! Thanks
  3. The photo booth in our local Tesco store does US and UK-size photos, plus others.
  4. Funnily enough, when I spoke with the clinic a few days ago they said I didn’t need to take any photos with me as they will take pictures of me at the medical. This was also confirmed in a follow-up email. That may be specific to my case, though, for some reason.
  5. Hi, everyone. And merry Christmas! Well, after waiting more than 13 years, my wife and I are finally at the stage where we have our embassy interview lined up on Friday January 24. Just the medical to arrange. Those of you who went through the medical, how many days’ gap did you leave between the medical and your interview? I’ve read 5 days mentioned for the medical results to get to the embassy? So I was thinking of arranging it for one of the days during the week prior to the week of the 24th. Also, I’ve seen reference to needing a GP’S letter for ‘significant medical conditions’. I take statins for high cholesterol, and my wife has endometriosis but isn’t on medication. Again, has anyone had to provide a letter for these kind of things, or do you think they mean more serious conditions, such as cancer and TB? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  6. No, all documents are now showing as accepted. They said my sponsor doesn’t meet the minimum poverty guideline amount.
  7. Thank you Wuozopo. That is reassuring to hear. My brother is single.
  8. Heard from NVC today after five weeks. It wasn’t good news. 😕
  9. Hi all, I’ve received a message from the NVC saying my sponsor’s (my brother) income doesn’t meet the minimum poverty guidelines and that ‘a consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of interview’. His three years of tax returns he submitted all showed income in excess of the minimum required. He’s also about to submit his 2018 tax return, which he didn’t have when he filed the I-864 form, which also shows income comfortably above the minimum required. Is the last three years of tax returns all they base this on? Or does he need to submit anything else, such as evidence of what he is actually earning at the moment? (not so easy as he’s self-employed and his income fluctuates). I did read this is a fairly standard message, or am I wrong? Any help appreciated, Jonathan
  10. Why not have the best of both worlds and combine the two and have your Friday Night Dinner at Ye Old King’s Head! Eaten there many times on our travels, although I can’t remember if I’ve had the fish and chips or not. Food has varied from average to good, but we always visit anyway for our little ‘British fix’. Hope to visit there as a resident, and not a traveller, one day soon!
  11. Thanks all. It’s reassuring, yet also sad, to hear others have had similar experiences. And disconcerting that NVC may not be reviewing a case because it hadn’t been marked for review. You can literally be sitting there forever assuming they are reviewing it, when they may not be, all because of incompetency at their end! I also know there was nothing wrong with the documents I submitted: all were done in exactly the same way and not ‘the wrong way up’. Guess it’s just a waiting game! Thanks again
  12. Hi all, NVC have approved the majority of the supporting documents (passport page, head shots, birth certs, etc) I submitted for mine and my wife’s F4 case, but they asked me to resubmit some which they said we’re the wrong way up. I did this straight away. That was almost three weeks ago, I’ve had no contact from them since, and our CEAC Civil Documents statuses still show as ‘Submitted’. Does anyone know how long it normally takes to hear something from NVC if you’ve had to resubmit documents? Many thanks
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