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  1. I couldn’t find information on what happens after the Person on the K1 comes to the US, so hopefully you all can help. My my fiancée will arrive in early September and we are getting married a few weeks later. I have questions related to adding him to my health insurance plan, him getting a drivers license (driving in general), time for adjustment of status and if he can work his current job still (but remotely and getting paid into his international bank account). Plus other questions! Questions below: 1) When does he get a social security number? Seems a lot hinges on this. My lawyer said he doesn’t need one for the marriage license, and that it will come with adjustment of status filing 2) do I need to wait for his SSN to add him to health insurance? What options are there? 3) can he drive my car while we wait for everything to process and for him to get his license? 4) can he work his current job, and get paid from his current job into his current account? 5) how long does it take on average for the adjustment of status ? I understand his work permission and travel permission should come before the green card? thankful for everyone’s insight
  2. Any idea how long it takes to review to documents?
  3. When I look up the status of my fiancé’s visa on the CEAC site, under non-immigrant visa (with the AA number) it says no status, but if i look up his case number (has Letters and numbers) under immigrant visa it says in processing. Isn’t the K1 a non-immigrant? Should the info be there? He went to the interview on the 26th, and got a 221g to submit a missing certificate. It arrived to embassy yesterday.
  4. Hello All, I'm desperate for help because no one seems to understand what is going on. My fiancee, in Guatemala, had his interview today at the embassy and he had everything besides his divorce certificate (had all the actual divorce, just not the certificate). He was told to submit to Cargo Express his missing document, passport and a confirmation page and given this link. https://ustraveldocs.com/gt/gt-iv-documentsubmissioninfo.asp#submit221g We don't understand how to follow the instructions to get the confirmation page, as he already has a profile on this page and NOWHERE does it same IV Address Registration. THat only shows up if you make a new profile, and if you do that K1 isn't an option. At Cargo Express they mentioned the form should have bar codes, we have that form with the address confirmation and apparently that's not it?! Does anyone know what to do?! HE is basically approved except for this damn certificate he needs to send and now this confirmation page he needs from teh website? Please help, I'm going crazy
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