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  1. Wow so many responses! 😮 Going to try to answer as many as I can... My numbers for Part 6 #24 abc matched my tax return transcripts. Double and triple checked and the numbers were correct. Aside from the tax transcripts I also did send about 3 months worth of recent pay stubs to show I still receive stable income (even during this Covid crisis) The Issue isn’t that my income is low - I used 30k as an example in an earlier post as I didn’t want to state my actual income (sorry for any confusion) - but I am definitely well over the 125% threshold. Based on my current income it was mentioned earlier I don’t need to submit the last of tax transcripts - although I did submit it initially with the thought process in mind to back up what I wrote down in the I-864. Yep - in this case all I got back for the RFE is #2 for what you listed. Nothing specific like you got for #1. Most of the documentation I provided initially to USCIS looks to be complete minus the $600 discrepancy from my annual income vs my return transcript that could be the reason for the RFE. But the RFE request is pretty vague if that is exactly what they’re asking for. And thank you I’m hoping all works out well too. Interesting. Based on that - it’s possible then that maybe annual income vs tax return transcript info doesn’t throw red flags? ... I appreciate everyone’s feedback and responses on all this. I’m left with some interesting choices. I could resubmit the tax transcript informations as is back to them with some clarifying information in case they did lose my information when it was sent over. Although if that wasn’t what they wanted that adds risk towards them rejecting the case. I could resubmit tax transcript details with additional addendums to my I-864 with a letter from my employer to back up the claim that my annual salary is indeed what I wrote down in the I-864. Along with the transcripts again. I don’t see much risk in this although in case the discrepancy is a big deal could it be possible I’d be opening a can of worms if I pointed out a different mistake if that wasn’t what they were looking at to begin with? (Not discrediting this suggestion here - just keeping an open mind) Or option C - go with the tax returns, 1040s and W-2s and send those over that the RFE ‘loosely’ suggests and hope that is more of what they wanted instead of the transcripts. I might have to dig a little deeper and get in touch with USCIS to ask them to clarify a bit more if it’s possible. I’ll keep everyone posted on this. Thank you again for the kind assistance on this it helps to get additional (or several) opinions for this one.
  2. Interesting observation - So I get paid a salary for my job and for Part 6 #7 I wrote down what my employer says I make annually. However my tax return transcript does show a difference and I’m about 682 dollars short of what the expected yearly amount should be. So (for example purposes - this isn’t my actual salary) - if I made 30,000 a year, then Part 6, #7 I wrote 30,000 but on my tax return it would’ve been 29,318 for Line 7b. What I mentioned above in my initial post was the only two things mentioned in the RFE. There was no mention of a discrepancy between what was written in Part 6 #7 and what was on the return, but it could be possible that was the culprit as those two values contradict. Hmm.
  3. Out of curiosity - if I resend them the same information and it's not what they want - will they move forward with a decision or will they push back another time asking for more details? The deadline for this is Aug 10 2020 so there's some time between now and then. My fear is that I don't give them what they want this time around and they just move forward and reject the application.
  4. Hey Ayrton, Appreciate the feedback. For what you mentioned in #1 - I am over the threshold - my thought process here was thinking that providing more information showing stable income could help chances instead of hurting it. But definitely noted. As this RFE is asking for recent tax year - I can give them the recent one instead of providing the last 3. For #2 - Yep - it was definitely a tax return transcript and not a tax account transcript. For #3 - Confirmed in my documents that no other return information like the 1040 or W-2s were included in the final packet sent to them. Should have been only the transcripts. and for #4 - I considered that - feels weird to give them all the information you think they need including the tax transcripts only to get an RFE asking for the thing you already sent them lol.
  5. Hi MariaR323 thanks for reaching out - to answer your questions: They were definitely return transcripts - when you go to the IRS site to request the transcripts they give you a drop down asking what its' for and Immigration is one of the options you can choose, when you select that the website points you over to Tax Return Transcripts - fortunately I think that process makes it hard to accidentally mess up that part. For the masked/unmasked deal they definitely were redacted. I didn't see any option to have them unmasked online.
  6. Hey there, I apologize if this topic was answered anywhere else or several times in this forum or others - I have been searching and can't find a direct answer to my question My wife recently submitted her AoS forms along with the I-864 that I completed (as I'll be sponsoring her) - interestingly enough - we got notification that it was received on 5/12, the fees have all been paid for and we got our 797-C NOA1 form on 5/18. As of 5/21 we already got an RFE letter back that was pointing directly to my I-864 documentation stating: The petitioning sponsor, (My name), on Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, must submit a complete Federal income tax return submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the most recent tax year. If you submit a transcript, it must be a "Tax Return Transcript" from the IRS. (Then another bullet point saying if I was not required to file a Federal Income Tax return, attach written explanation, etc. etc - this one isn't relevant to me as I was able to file mine). We made copies of what we submitted - and I confirmed that I sent my Tax Transcripts for the three recent tax years including the most recent for 2019. I also had transcripts for 2018 and 2017. However these were all printouts from the IRS website when you go to obtain your tax transcripts online. I went with this route as it had all tax information needed plus a transcript that has information that came FROM the IRS should give clear indication that my 2019 information was already filed with the IRS. The instructions mentioned to either submit transcripts OR the return - so I was careful not to include W-2 information or anything else related to tax returns. Just transcripts. We were pretty meticulous through all of our documentation, we even had a cover letter that listed the contents of what was included with each form, that had a bullet point that informed them of my IRS tax transcripts for the 3 recent years. And we also applied labels within our evidence sheets to help spell out exactly what they're looking at. This is my first RFE - the ask is a bit confusing as I believe I have what they asked for already... but I'm a little nervous that they will deny if I push resending transcripts to them - was the mistake that I provided Transcripts and not the tax return? Or do they want a different kind of tax transcript that you have to request from the IRS via mail in form? (There was mention of using form 4506 to get transcripts, but no mention that transcript printouts that came from the IRS website were not accepted) I am able to send in the requested tax return information if I just need to send in the returns.. just curious where this might have gone wrong.
  7. Awesome! Appreciate the reassurance everyone! Considering all the small things we gotta keep an eye out for part of me started half expecting different conditions under a fiancé visa. But this helped boost confidence levels. :) Thank you again!
  8. Ok AWESOME this helps clear up any other last minute scares at the PoE. Our location is Washington state - last I checked i didn’t see any other special restrictions. Plus I have brought those same snacks over the border previously when I flew to Japan so I think things should be fine there. Thank you so much for the quick replies!
  9. Hi! My fiancée recently just got her K-1 visa approved (WOOOO!) and we have scheduled dates to have her fly over to the US on 2-17. She brought up talking about what she can take with her - she’s bringing some basic things with her like clothes, toiletries, and I’ll be helping supply everything else when she arrives, but she was also going to bring things like her PS4 console, Nintendo Switch (we’re a couple of dorks XD), as well as Japanese yen that was given to her by her family as a wedding gift (in hard currency - all bills). As she’s doing a trip into the US on a fiancée visa are there different conditions that apply on what she can take with her over the border? She’s bringing some Japanese snacks into the US as some additional gifts for me and my family when she arrives so I can see her declaring that on customs but as the trip is going to be indefinite with her entering the country would she need to declare her electronics and anything else she’s carrying with her? The currency she’s taking with her won’t exceed $10000, but it’s still a large amount (more than $1000). As the CBP PoE is the final check before entry into the US I want to make sure there’s no issues. I might be overthinking things but I had difficulty finding a direct answer to this anywhere else. Any information will certainly help!
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