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  1. Interview Appointment depends on the working of embassy in you country. Usually you'll got your appointment within 30 to 90 days. I got in 40 days in and I'm in Pakistan. So this process requires patience so wait you'll got appointment mail soon.
  2. According to my observation, your case must be strong other things are secondary. There is a little bit chances that your dad may face AP (but i think not for long time) hope for the best. And is your dad primary applicant? Btw best of luck👍
  3. What i know is that, if your kids interview is scheduled then you can go with them. As rescheduling will take time....
  4. You have to provide (upload) a new joint sponser at CEAC website , to do so you can check the back side of this letter. [After sign in goto docs it will open AOS section and then click on additional docs] Do this ASAP so that your case will be processed soon
  5. What u showed means that your status may be showing READY. And you may have got an email from NVC with instructions in which they have mentioned about to upload civil documents and AOS. Give them what they need and then it will take 3 weeks to review docs and then they schedule your interview
  6. Both, 2nd table's priority date is when your case at NVC will be created. You or your petitioner will get a mail when your date will be current
  7. Hope for the best brother, as you mentioned within 60 days or it take as long as 1.5 year this is the time usually cases took (this time limit is what I've seen), and one more thing, time also depends on case to case it varies so always hope 4 the best
  8. They will reach out soon. It would be appropriate that you inform about delay to your school, as Pakistan use to face delays in visa applications. But hope for the best embassy will contact you soon it won't take much longer now.
  9. Hey there! My F3 visa interview is conducted on 25th july 2019 and CO gave us a 221g form and asked for a joint sponser while we already have given one but she asked anyway. She didn't marked new joint sponser on 221g just joint sponser. The joint sponser which we already have given has income more than enough for 4 members. Now if i gave them joint sponser then how much time they are gonna take to review...Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.
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