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  1. Not really surprised, they were pretty much cornered here by most for omitting info and not being fully honest.
  2. Mine was close to 40 days after receiving the passport and that was during 'slow season' in early February so no need to panic just yet.
  3. Mine was awhile, passport agency took at least 30 days to finally send it back to me, if i am not mistaken it was around 40 days after receiving the passport.
  4. It is still on the delivery window, i know it sounds ridiculous but some people waited for 60 days to receive theirs back. Mine took a little over a month to show up. The passport agency actually held my certificate for 30 days even before they mailed it back to me. If it gets lost the passport agency will not cover the loss (it is stated on their website), USPS will not cover it either, you will be on your own for the reissue fee with USCIS. Unless you really need the certificate for special clearance for a federal job a passport is all you really need. even if you petition somebody you don't need the original as long as you made a copy before you mailed it out for the passport.
  5. What was the mailing date on the envelope ? It’s amusing to me that they hold on to the NC for awhile before mailing it back.
  6. Passport application, naturalization certificate, drivers license, check or debit/credit card to pay the fees, Very important not to sign the passport application before hand! Only in front of USPS employee. They will take your Original naturalization certificate with the application but it will come back to you by mail at some point. 1 passport style photo, some USPS facilities don’t offer this service, make sure yours does if not got to CVS, Walgreens or the equivalent in your area to have your passport style picture taken before you show up at USPS facility. Then the waiting game starts.
  7. Today i finally received my NC Intact! 36 days after receiving passport and passport card. It was shipped first class mail and postmarked March 21, it took about a week to get here. Now what i can't understand is why they held it for 30 days to send it back to me, they must be really backed up on that or they forgot to bring it to the Post Office. For reference i uploaded pictures of the envelope that it came in.
  8. FINALLY!!! received the certificate back today, it only took 36 days. They took a whole month to ship it back to me, post marked March 21st, received today 3/28, took 1 week in transit.
  9. This was mine, locator 55 Dallas, TX: 1/24 - application and documents sent (routine service). 2/11 - in progress (this is an estimated date, my account took too long to update) 2/18 - approved, book and card sent 2/22 - book and card received same day. It has been 34 days since I received book and card and still no sign of my Naturalization certificate.
  10. 1/24 - application and documents sent (routine service). 2/11 - in progress (this is an estimated date, my account took too long to update) 2/18 - approved, book and card sent 2/22 - book and card received same day. Today is 3/26, 34 days and still no sign of my Naturalization certificate.
  11. The only original was the NC, everything else were copies made by the USPS employee. So we have to pay the DoS $150 to conduct a search on our file if it comes out empty handed we have to pay USCIS $550 for a replacement of the NC and it can take up to 10 months to get it.
  12. i haven't backtracked enough on pages here but since late February, 3 that applied received back their Naturalization certificate, everybody else still waiting unless some already received it but didn't bother to update here yet and/or are still waiting on the passport itself. I've been noticing most of you got sent to NH (locator 69) and they have been pretty good processing and returning documents, i think i'm one of the few who got Dallas, TX (locator 55) here so its hard to figure out the turnaround ( Mine has been 26 days from passport arrival and counting and no sign of my certificate... 😑 ). Hopefully everybody that still waiting receive it and in one piece.
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