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  1. Are you venezuelan? do not speak spanish? this is a regional forum, you can speak spanish, anyway I am telling you there are many cargo companies sending goods and food to venezuela (there are a lot of people in this situation) and it is not illegal because they are using connection flights in other countries to do it , just research a little bit. You also can send them money through a reliable person who buy dollars and deposit them in bolivares. Just call to Next day cargo in miami or any cargo company you know. They send goods by air and ocean shipments. Blessings
  2. Hola, no entiendo. Quieres mandar desde estados unidos o desde colombia? En estados unidos hay muchas empresas que transportan alimentos y comida a venezuela, si estás en florida NEXT DAY CARGO lo hace, son responsables y lo llevan hasta la casa de tu familiar. Espero te sirva.
  3. Oh well, if you are talking about me, no I am not a troll. I certainly do not know the guy because is an immigration forum but yes, I also was surprised because my p.d is february... He said that he still cannot access to ceac, that is why i am asking in this forum, thanks.
  4. someone from 2015 has received the welcome letter? in another group a guy with a PD of may has already receive it, last friday.
  5. Hi, I am a newbie here and and i do not write in english very well but will do my best. My PD es february 23 2015 and it was approved on april 30 2015, so yes i also pray for the bulletin to advance at least 6 months (both charts) but i do not think chart 2 won't, hope to be wrong. Congratulation to all of you that already have their interview day .
  6. Gracias por responder tan rápido. Que raro te preguntó, pensé que las vacunas no eran opcionales sino a consideración del médico. Y no te sentiste incómoda con su exámen? porque es lo he leído en comentarios de otras participantes. Pensaba tomar la cita con ella pero definitivamente lo haré con el Dr Dennis de quien he leido excelentes comentarios. Haz una búsqueda por internet sobre sitios más económicos para colocar vacunas y compara precios no te queda otra :), me alegro todo te haya salido bien y felicidades!
  7. Hola, se que ha pasado un tiempo, cómo estuvo ti cita con la dra? he leido mensajes preocupantes sobre ella? gracias.
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