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  1. Hi, Since yesterday, I am having problem uploading the petitioner's affidavit and others documents to ceac. My files are less than 2mb and pdf format, so please I urgently need help! PD SECURE CONNECTION FAILED is what is telling me every time I try to upload them, have tried google chrome and internet explorer 11. Thanks in advance
  2. Buenos días, por favor necesito saber urgentemente, vamos a subir la licencia de conducir como prueba de domicilio pero el co patrocinador solo me dio copia del lado de la foto, puede alguien que haya utilizado la licencia y se la hayan aceptado, si es suficiente con un solo lado o se debe escanear ambos lados, me urge ya que hoy debería estar subiendo todos los documentos! gracias de antemano
  3. thanks for sharing your experience, what a blessing! good luck in your new life
  4. Hi rodo congrats! would you mind to tell us what did they ask you? thanks in advance.
  5. Hola, creo que esa embajada en washington no es reconocida por el gobierno actual de venezuela, no pueden emitirte un pasaporte. Si tu pasaporte venezolano esta vencido, el gobierno de estados unidos le reconoce 5 anos adicionales a su fecha de vencimiento, incluso para todo los trámites migratorio y de turismo.
  6. Great, thank you for responding! I will take the medical appoinment with Dr. Monica.
  7. Nvc told you it has to be apostilled? , I understand it is not necessary.
  8. So, does your fiance recomend Dr. Monica? I have read some bad reviews about her in this forum, thanks in advance.
  9. are you a colombian citizen? I think is the only way you can purchase a one way ticket, if not, well you have to wait in colombia there is no other way. I am not a K1 visa but F2B and live in venezuela, my interview will be scheduled to us embassy in colombia, so same situation.
  10. sure, I am a girl. If there is anything I can help with. I paid the fees last thursday.
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