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  1. Thecrown


    Thanks guys for the quick response
  2. Thecrown


    When is passport available for pick up after it read "Issued" in ceac?
  3. How long does it take for visa insurance and called for pickup? My fiance dropped off his passport on Sep 13, 2019 but hasn't gotten any text or email for pickup.
  4. Ok. One quick question please, does the last case number always ends in 0001?
  5. Whenever I search for updates on CEAC, I read "search did not return any data"
  6. No updates yet. His passport wasn't taken from him.
  7. That was quick... my fiancee went in on the first, he was given the 221G which the requested documents were submitted on the 5th, we haven't heard from them since.
  8. No, they did not. On ceac, document delivery information has nothing under it.
  9. After my fiance's interview was completed at the first week of this month in Lagos Nigeria, the interviewer gave a white paper in which two boxes were ticked requesting for my current tax return (NB, I haven't filled tax at the time I sent all the needed information to him) and AOS, one was submitted initially. I immediately scanned these said documents to him which he turned in Friday of the same week. Note that we only had 3 days left from day NOA2 was sent to be closed. My question now is, would we be able to check our processing status on ceac because on there, it reads no appointment made? How do we check status.
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