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  1. Great News!!! My fiance got his police certificate in the mail and it shows "No Trace"!!! (Not "No Live Trace"!) YAY, one less hurdle to jump and hoop to jump through!
  2. @Pooley, One more question. How long did it take to get the SAR? It said online it could take a calendar month. We don't want to rush things because we want to make sure we provide all information we can as accurately as possible. However, out priority date is 22May and we need to have the interview by 22Sep. Just want to make sure we have plenty of time! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks @Pooley for providing this info. Did he have any problems when coming to the US after he had his visa? My fiance is very worried that this will cause problems. My honey cannot re-enter the US until he has his K1 as they have marked him down with a warning last visit. He is unemployed so this raises flags, even though I make enough to support us both with no problem. (likely due to the reduced ties to the UK) Again, thanks so much for your reply! It is very helpful to know what has happened with others.
  4. Arrest 1 - Arson (a buddy did it, and bragged about it at school the next day) Arrest 2 - Rape (false accusation in retaliation to a break-up)
  5. No, we didn't know they counted
  6. You are arrested and questioned but they decide you didn't do it and don't charge you.
  7. My fiance was arrested twice as a juvenile. Arrest 1 - Arrested, Charged, NOT convicted Arrest 2 - Arrested, NOT charged and NOT convicted We are waiting for his Police Certificate but we're worried for 2 reasons. 1. When we completed the VWP documents and the I-129f, we said no to the criminal history questions (because he was a juvenile and not convicted). Come to find out, these DO count. I've told him that honesty is the best policy and we should answer yes on the DS-160. We honestly didn't know when we answered previously that these juvenile arrests counted. Anyone have advice/experience? Will it come up in the interview? How does he handle? 2. We ordered an SAR as well as the Police Certificate. Do we need court records for the first arrest? Will we need some kind of police report for the second (since there was no court involvement)? Thanks!
  8. My fiance visited twice under visa waiver. He stayed 89 days the first time and 75 days the second time. He had no problems the first trip which was prior to the filing of our petition. Second trip he got a stern warning. Stating he would need his visa before he could return. He BARELY got in. It's possible and legal to travel but you'll have to show good proof that you plan to return and ties to your home county which require your return.
  9. I'll never live down that the first place I took him was Waffle House. It was about 10 PM when he got to the US. There wasn't a whole lot open and he was famished. The look on his face when my daughter ordered sweet tea and the waitress brought out a glass of iced tea was only matched by his shock at our definition of "bacon". It will always be a great first memory for us, even if he NEVER wants to eat there again.
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