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  1. I got this info from another post too, but they also suggested not to bring up a legal fight at this point since the company can't hold the position for too long due to business need sadly
  2. I have never gotten a call from USCIS. It is indeed surprising they would call to ask for interview. I guess it is because you asked for expedite for AOS but not EAD? I don't see many discussion about expedite for AOS here. My 485 was changed to "ready to be scheduled for an interview" a few days after my EAD expedite request was submitted, not sure if it has anything to do with the expedite though.
  3. For people who are hesitant to expedite their EAD because they don't have an official offer letter from their employer, I think it is worth a try. I contacted the congressman office to help me expedite my EAD on 9/9. The only supporting documents that I submitted are a cover letter and an email from my employer stating they could only hold the position for a short period of time (they are not willing to give me an offer letter until they see my EAD). My cover letter emphasized on the difficulty the company have to find someone with my skillsets and vice versa. Here is my timeline for expediting: 9/9 reached out to congressman office 9/10 sent supporting documents to congressman 9/13 Congressman submitted supporting documents to USCIS 9/23 "Expedite Request Approved" But it's been a week now and there isn't any update since. I'm wondering if it is normal to wait for over a week after the "expedite request approved" status? Since a lot of the posts I have seen here show the status changed to "card being produced" within a week. Anyone experiencing something similar?
  4. I guess ds3025 is for K1? I'm not sure if it applies to me Thank you Sarah! I'd let my dr do that too.
  5. I didn't know that either until I saw a post on VJ. Hope this can be helpful for anyone in the same boat with me https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-8-part-c-chapter-3
  6. Really appreciate the info Randy! Could you also share with me where I can find this info? I found the following in the I-693 instruction (see item 3 in the screenshot below) but I am not sure if it is the same thing. I went to a military doctor (should be eligible) instead of a civil surgeon and he is not very familiar with the whole process.
  7. Hello everyone, I am a DC filer, my PD is 7/17/19, and my status changed to "Ready to be scheduled for an interview" on 9/17. I did not submit the I-693 with my AOS package and have received a courtesy letter shortly after the "Ready" status. I haven't finished with my medical exam even though I started it in the beginning of August. The reason is because my doctor told me to wait for six months to have my third shot of Hepatitis A and B, which makes me worry about if my interview date would come before I finish my medical exam. I have read many posts about how people don't start their medical exams until they receive the "Ready" status and haven't seen anyone having problems about the vaccinations process taking too long. So I am wondering: 1. if my situation is normal? 2. if that's the case, is it possible for me to reschedule if my interview date comes before I finish my medical exam?
  8. Hi Leah, would you mind sharing how did you expedite it and what supporting documents did you submit? We are in the same situation. Thank you so much!
  9. Hi there - I have read many threads regarding this topic but haven't seen one similar yet. I'm on F1 right now (did not apply for OPT) and my PD is 7/19. Did biometrics on 8/13. I have a pending job offer from a pretty big company, but their policy does not allow them to give out official offer until they see a valid EAD. All I have now is the email from the director sent on 8/6: This is a dream job for me. I'm trying to be a data analyst and it's been super hard for the job hunting, since I had an accounting background and there are barely any entry level job opportunities in my area (DC metro). The positions here either want you to be a USC or have many years of experience, or both. I'm blessed to have this opportunity that allows me to utilize my accounting background and develop data analytics skills. Should I try to expedite my EAD based on this written email? If not what options (if at all) do I have. USCIS has updated the I-765 processing time from 2.5-5 months to 3.5 to 5.5 months now. I'm very worried that they might withdraw the offer if it's taking too long (I've noticed even some Feb/March filers still haven't received their combo). I can't prove severe financial lost for the company (since it is so big), and I can't prove it for myself either. I have seen a post saying a past due internet bill worked but that was a post from 2 years ago. I'm wondering if anyone is/was in the same boat with me. Any advice? Any thoughts are welcome! Thank you in advance!
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