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  1. Thanks for your reply! Alright, I see. But, as for the K1 visa process, it's my understanding that at some point, I'll have to submit a DS-160 form, and here they ask if I've ever broken the law regarding possession of illegal drugs. Obviously that's a yes for me, and from what I've read, that would be the reason I'd probably have my visa denied at the embassy interview.. because there's a waiver I technically would be able to fill out, but in that waiver it says the crime (possession of marijuana of less than 30g specifically) has to have happened over 15 years ago, which mine has not. Are they really that strict regarding this? Cause from what I understand from all that, IF i do lose the case and keep the fine in my name, my dream of moving to the US is pretty much over
  2. Hi, thank you for your reply! I realize I messed up part of my explanation - by ‘boyfriend’ I meant current fiancé, as in the guy I’m about to marry. I wrote boyfriend since I’m not used to calling him my fiancé yet.. but yes, he’s the one who owned that number and purchased the marijuana. I wholeheartedly understand your point, and actually agree. And no, it’s not entirely too late, in fact, I have not signed or paid the fine yet and actually still have the chance to take it to court where I’d probably bring a lawyer. I’ve since my original post spoken to my fiancé and asked what to do, and he actually told me the same; take it to court. I have emails proving that the phone number was created exactly by the time he came to Denmark, emails showing it was “paused” (so I wouldn’t have to pay for it during) exactly during the period he went abroad for an internship, and emails showing I unpaused it around the time he came back, and emails showing I cancelled it a month ago when he moved back to the us. I can even ask him for flights tickets proving this too. I have text conversations between me and that phone number which obviously show he’s my boyfriend and the user of that number. I have call history between me and the number. He even told me he would make a statement about him being the owner of the number, and the purchaser of the marijuana. Do you think this would hold up in court? Would they believe me? Because if so, then I AM more than ready to not accept the fine and thereby take it to court.
  3. I really hope someone can help me out here, as I'm damn near panicking over this issue.. So, my fiance and i met in 2013, and have since then been in a relationship. He is from Fountain Valley, CA, born and raised there, and I am from Aalborg, Denmark, born and raised here. He's 25 and I'm 27. We got engaged this summer, and are currently preparing to send in the I-129F petition. The issue here is that about a week ago, I received a call from the Danish police, stating that a phone number in my name was found to have purchased marijuana (less than 30g) recently (not sure of the exact date, but probably less than a year ago), which I would then be charged for. What really happened was that the phone number belonged to my boyfriend, but was registered in my name since I paid those bills. He was also the one who purchased it, but since the number was in my name, and it was purchased for my address, I didn't see a reason to even attempt to explain it in court, possibly also getting him into trouble, so I decided to admit to it and to pay a fine instead. No arrest, no court presence, "just" a fine. I of course plan on paying the fine as soon as I receive it by mail, however, I'm really worried about how all this will affect my eligibility for a K1 visa, since I know it definitely will, and since it's so recent. So now I'm here, hoping you guys can help me.. A few questions: Will the I-129F petition get denied immediately, or will we still be able to move on to the NOA1/2 phases? Will I most likely get denied at the NVC phase when they're doing the background/name checks? IF I do make it to the interview phase, and show up with the required forms and documents, a clean medical exam, and documents proving I've paid the fine, it's my understanding that I will still initially get denied, but may be eligible for a waiver. Is this true, or should I just forget about it then, since, again, the offense is so recent? I'm really scared about what will happen.. every similar thread I've looked at are about offenses that happened 5/10/15+ years ago, where mine is as of recent, so reading these doesn't really help me 😕
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