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  1. Priority date is february 12 2007 Case complete on July 22nd Received IL on August 22nd Interview on Sept 26
  2. Hi... please those that have received their IL, was there anything like A# numbers written for you and each member of your family?
  3. Great, congrats... am also feb 12 2007.. documentarily qualified 22 july.. hopefully will get IL by the end of the month
  4. Am on f3 category, nvc stage. Uploaded and submitted all documents and it's been accepted but then made the mistake of not submitting my petitioner documents in one package hence havnt gotten feedback from nvc, just found out that not submitting your documents in one package can cause delay. Am confused at wat to do now or how long this delay might last. Any suggestions pls..
  5. Am on f3 category, my processing has been going smoothly.paid IV fees ,uploaded and submitted all our documents and they have been accepted but then got to my petitioner and we made the mistake of not submitting the documents in one package, and just found out that it can cause delay,hence havnt gotten any reply from nvc. We are a bit worried, wat can we do and how long can the delay take..
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