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  1. Same problem here. Following
  2. Interview result - approved! Good luck everyone, my ride ends here
  3. Do you have enough assets to apply with assets in lieu of income? I believe it would be 125% of the poverty guidelines for your family x3 (x5 for any sponsor except for spouse is x3). Someone said 'better sooner than later' move and get a job but actually I disagree. If you don't have enough assets, or a joint sponsor, and need to get a job, wait until you have I-130 approval which is the longest part of the process and doesn't require any proof of assets/income. Stay in Germany during this time. Then when you need to you can move and complete the NVC/embassy process which is usually much shorter. If you have assets you probably won't need a lot of income, might be able to even fall back on McDonalds or something if you are already halfway there. Not suggesting that but just giving you the sense you have a lot of options. Your wife doesn't need to be super employable. Does she speak English? Have an education of any kind? To answer your question yes it's still "worth it" as long as your wife comes across as also being able to get a job at Mcdonalds. It's a family visa not a work visa the requirements are not super strict.
  4. I am not applying in Australia but seem to be in a similar situation as some of you. Quarantine has ended here and I have the local embassy telling me they would schedule an interview if they had my file, but I've been case complete/DQ since 4/30 and NVC seems to just be hanging on to it (status: at NVC). My case was even expedited but expedite doesn't mean send it to the embassy when it's done, I guess. With the conditions in some countries drastically improved yet no movement from NVC or the embassy it's hard not to believe these delays are intentional at this point, given the way those at the top have sought to restrict green cards. Just my tinfoil hat
  5. I haven't seen this talked about so maybe it's obvious but I think it's automated. I had a the same experience being processed at random hours of the day.
  6. Yes, I contacted the embassy and they basically told me to go through NVC. I think where the "expedite" came in was that I was DQ'd almost immediately after getting my documents submitted correctly. Note my expedite was approved even before I got an NVC case number.
  7. Eventually yes. Over about a 2-day period I was submitting documents and then getting some of them rejected or being requested for more. I didn't think it was a human doing it because it was at all hours of the day after I would submit something new. You can see my timeline for when my case when complete, and I got the DQ email.
  8. Yes. I forget exactly how long for a response but definitely <2 weeks for the whole process, and seemed like just a few business days for the consulate to make its decision. The process seems a bit unusual from what I've read in that after being approved I was still told to submit everything through NVC, despite the expedite saying the case was being sent immediately (without conditions). Nevertheless it worked out well it seems like because I got DQ a short time later, the only delays being with fees processing etc that is unavoidable. But submitting and re-submitting docs I was getting feedback within a few hours even outside of business hours, which I see is not the experience of most people.
  9. I think you've got it almost right. If you look at page 5 of the document it says unofficial visitors are prohibited until stage 3. Stage 3 takes at minimum 42 days to reach (14 days to Phase 1, 14 Days to Stage 2, 14 Days to Stage 3), although it's unclear if countries will be assigned a stage or start from 0 as of the publishing date of this document. The visitor policy is concerning because Stage 3 requires a lot, including full school re-openings and more or less for the pandemic to be over if you really parse through the requirements to reach that level. Reading selected embassy websites shows there is a distinction between Official visitors and Consular visitors. I concede it's not entirely clear, though, because it does appear Passport Services can resume at Phase 2 which would also require unofficial visitors.
  10. It does not apply to spouses of U.S. citizens
  11. Third time's the charm. Form accepted. Issue resolved. Thanks all for your input
  12. "Action required: Submit requested documents" This is also confusing because it says "Step 5: Submit documents to the National Visa Center Send 1 envelope to: National Visa Center Attn: Document Review 31 Rochester Ave Suite 100 Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914" While the "Notice of Immigration Case Creation" email from NVC says " Do not mail documents to NVC, even if you received instructions to mail documents to NVC in the past." and the aforementioned expedite approval email says don't contact NVC at all but rather the consulate.
  13. I'm confused because when they approved my expedite NVC said "We will send this file immediately to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If you have more questions about processing or the interview appointment date, contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate directly."
  14. Thank you, that confirms this is error isn't correct and must be something else. I'll try to contact the embassy and see if they are going to have to submit it directly anyway.
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