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  1. The police report went smoothly. We just ended up going to a local police station and it took about 30 minutes. The interview also went very smoothly. It was a little bit of a wait for her but once she sat down with the interviewer, it took about 10-15 minutes.
  2. did your wife need any documents prior to her going to the office? How long did it take?
  3. So can she or can she not still get a PCC in Juarez or is it absolutely necessary to get it done in her home state?
  4. Oh ok, phewwww I was getting worried about it. Thank you!
  5. Yes but they specify in the email that i need to go online through a link they sent me and fill out a DS-260.
  6. Every time I hit ok, it just sends me back to entering in my case and invoice number.
  7. I am trying to file my DS-260 with my case number and invoice number they sent me. However, it just tells me about how all non-immigrant visas needs a DS-160. I need to fill this out before Friday but I keep running into this issue. It cant be to make another DS-160 because my case number is correlated to my DS-160 that I had already filed and paid for.
  8. Ok now im confused. Can we not just get one in Ciudad Juarez before her interview? Is it absolutely necessary to get one from her state? And yes she lives and has lived in the “State of Mexico” and not Mexico City.
  9. oh ok! So she can still get a PCC from Juarez? Is there any paperwork she needs to bring? How long does it usually take to receive it once we arrive there?
  10. I'm sorry, I am still have trouble where the exact location she is supposed to go. She currently resides in Estado de Mexico.
  11. My fiancés Visa interview is in 2 weeks, however we are getting increasingly worried because we have attempted to get her police certificate for months now and we repeatedly get no response back. How do we go about getting this police certificate in Mexico. It was a pain just to get this emergency interview, I dont want to waste it.
  12. I just explained to them my pressing matters of my financial and mental health struggle. They requested documentation and upon review I was approved. Hey I don't know if you have heard back from them again yet, but they contacted me today and set me up with an emergency appointment.
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