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  1. I am from Texas and service center is California 😔.
  2. In my case I wanted texas service center. And for me it was california and When I called the lady said me that you have received letter which says California but on my computer I see that your case is being processed by Texas service center. And I had called 3 times in 3 weeks and I got everytime same response. Now I have to wait till February and will call again to find out what they say.I reside in Texas.
  3. In August when I found out my case was in California center so I called and wanted to make sure so the agent said me you have received letter which says California but your case is in Texas. So I don’t know how accurate that information was. So far I don’t have any updates . I will be calling USCIS again in February 2020 so that way again I can come to know how accurate the information was about Texas center. And I live in Texas and I didn’t dream about California center😂. So let’s hope and also today california dates has jumped to June 30/2018 which is still better than Nebraska and Potomac when to 2017. And what’s your Priority Date?
  4. Hi can yu please tell what was your PD AND how did you find out that your case is transferred from California to Nebraska.
  5. Have you seen such users who said their i130 was approved. My husband is Green Card holder.
  6. My PD is 08/12/2019. And i received mail today and registered online account and saw same stuff. I think we have to wait atleast 5 months to hear from them. And my service center is California. Whats your service center?
  7. Did you receive email receipt or mail. And how many mails did you receive so far?
  8. My PD is 08/12/2019.My Husband is applying for me i130 he is Green card Holder. And we have lawyer who have filed for us.
  9. My receipt nos starts with IOE and thats the whole confusion now. My email recipt says California and a while ago I called uscis and they said my case is processed at texas service center. And i didnt receive any mail yet for online access
  10. Can you plz tell me how you found out it was texas Service center . Through email receipt or mail receipt and how many mails did you receive in all. My lawyer received only receipt email and it says california. And its the longest wait ever. And so far i didnt recieve any mail for online access too. My receipt starts with IOE
  11. Can you plz tell me how did you find you have texas service center. I am afraid i have gotten california center. My PD is Aug 12 and i filed through lawyer. My lawyer office only received email receipt which at the bottom says california . And I reside in texas. And my receipt is IOE .
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