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  1. Im not your fiance :) Thank you for clarifying this and we are not alone in this situation. It seems we are in the same boat we are still in our process of our K1 petition and waiting for our NOA2 and up until now we still havent get any answer what to present in case they will ask for tax papers and affidavit of support. Still trying to get answers.
  2. My fiancè was arrested for alledge drunk driving got detained but after a test with breathalyzer negative he got a release. Do we still need to declare this? Yesterday he went to the police station got no records of it. This happened 12yrs ago.
  3. Thank you for clarification😊
  4. Do we need to include this on out packet for upon K1 visa application? Bec some sample i see have it some dont include it.
  5. The intent to marry that need to be summitted with the I -129F does it need to be notarized?
  6. Did you put how long have u been retired? Upon submitting your application did u put anything about your income ?
  7. Thanks for the reply 😊 For the form I 129F employment part did u leave it empty?
  8. I got a question regarding this what supporting documents did u provide when u applied for k1?my fiance is 6 yrs medically retired (dissability). What do put on the job part of thr application? We need help pls..
  9. What should we put in there? US ARMY (RETIRED) OR US ARMY (MEDICALLY RETIRED) how about the address? And start date ?
  10. I understand however on the form its says job for the last 5 yrs. He has been retired for 6yrs. Should we leave it empty?
  11. Yes we are just starting and planning to submit next month until we complete our paper. we are worries that the employment part will be empty..thats why he wanted to include that on the kit that we will submit. Does this mean that income thing we need to provide when i have my case number? Or when they have accepted our application?
  12. Got it clarified with him His not paying taxes bec his pay is disability pay not retirement. We are still wondering what papers to provide on our application. I hope someone can clarify with our confusion
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