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  1. Hello hope you are welll and enjoying life in the US if you have left. Can you tell me please when you were contacted by dpd about return of passport/package and if ceac website was updated after Issued status? I was approved on Tuesday after interview and at Issued on ceac so just wondering what comes next....thanks!
  2. Thank you! Like I've printed heaps of whatsapp chats and I've printed photos...we've seen each other almost every month for the past 2 years so hoping there'll be no issues! Sorry @Sarah n Ryan for jumping on your post!
  3. Hey, hope it goes well. Seems you guys have it under control! My interview is also coming up and there is an age difference of 15 years between my fiance and I, him the USC being older. I havent seen much on this topic but is it likely to be an issue? We've known each other for 7 years through work and been together for past 2.5 years. Thanks for any advice:)
  4. Yeah I think you should get one to be safe. Here's the link, its the $42 name check https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks The check takes only 2 days but its the mailing back to Ireland takes over 2 weeks so if you know anyone in Aus that you could get it mailed to and ask if they can forward to you in expedited post. Or just take the chance you'll have it in time... which I think you should.
  5. Hey... have you given a copy of your Australian passport or are you planning too? Aus police checks take just under 3 weeks (I have had to get 2 sent for this proces). I dont know the answer but as you have the passport I probably would to be safe
  6. Oh yeah I get you now. I still think it'll be 22nd october or at least the later date in October. Sorry for my pessimism 😟🤣
  7. Ohhhh really??? I haven't seen sorry but has it been recently that they're hearing a week before only?
  8. I think it'll go to us, the beneficiary as all contact since embassy stage has been with me directly and not my fiance. I've both his email accounts on my phone anyways so I'll know without waiting on him
  9. I'm beginning to think it may not be the day😥 Have you heard anything?
  10. Hey ...nope nothing so far....despite me refreshing emails approximately every 10seconds.... hopefully Monday though . Fingers and toes crossed:)
  11. Same. At least with the date we could plan some bit. I think the interviews are held only on two Tuesdays each month so going by the dates I've seen people post and what I heard from the Mater I reckon they'll be on 8th and 22nd October. But knowing that the process isn't as streamlined as previously anything could happen 😂
  12. Not getting my hopes up tbh.... my fiance keeps saying it'll be next week....everyday I ask him if its mid September yet😂
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