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  1. Hi, Friend I filed my petition as permanent resident my spouse in in UK I received notice for receipt of My Case as priority date 08/18/2019. I also received online Account No. and I created online account. On Visa bulletin F2A Visa category is current. What is next and how long it will take to approve I-130. Is there any difference for Green-card holder if Category is current or not. Regards,
  2. From instructions page "Passport and Travel Document Numbers. Complete Part 4., Item Numbers 45. - 50., as applicable, if the beneficiary relative used a passport or travel document to travel to the United States, enter either the passport or travel document information in the appropriate space on the petition, even if the passport or travel document is currently expired."
  3. I came to know If She is not in USA I have to skip this information No. Passport or Traveling Document No. is required.
  4. I am filling out I-130 I have one question regarding Item Numbers 45. - 50. My spouse never visited USA should I still enter her Traveling Document No?
  5. Can you please share what did you send when you file i-130 form.? Thanks.
  6. I have red the instructions and they asked As my Spouse in UK I don't have Joint has joint bank account or financial asset, Is any one inthis forum whos pitison was approved without any additional documents from 1 to 5. I will submit Trips that we made after honey moon and our whats app conversation as No. 6. Regards
  7. In September 2020 I will complete five year of My PR. Basically my asylum case was accepted 5 year ago but due to some typing error it took more than a year to approve my Green card.
  8. Hi, All I am Permanent Resident of USA my Wife is in UK she is not UK citizen but she has uk traveling document as her asylum application was approved 4 year ago. We got married in April and I am applying for her spouse Visa. As far as I know.I have to file I-130 and I-130A for her from USA and she don't have to apply from UK. Once her petition is approved that will take 6 to 8 month She will to apply for Visa in UK and she will go for fingerprints and then for Interview. I have following questions. 1- I want to know What document do I need to submit with I-130. I have Mirrage certificate from Registrar of Council where our wedding was registered, Wedding Pictures and Air tickets that prove out trip to Switzerland for Honeymoon. but right now we don't have joint financial assets and bank account as she is in UK not in USA.Do you think I have to submit other documents that our wedding is bonafide? Can any one share the list of documents that he/she shared and got petition approved. 2- Do I also have to go for fingerprints in USA? 2- How much time it usually takes for green card holder to bring spouse in USA and I came to know as she is in UK she can apply in UK embassy and it will take less time? Thanks in Advance.
  9. Hi, As per I-130 Instructions Page 1 Note: 1 " NOTE: If you are filing for your spouse, he or she must complete and sign Form I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary. If your spouse is overseas, Form I-130A must still be completed, but your spouse does not have to sign Form I-130A. Form I-130A must be submitted with Form I-130. " As per above Note I think Your spouse don't have to sign the form if you are filing for her from USA You can down load the instruction form here https://www.uscis.gov/i-130
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