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  1. It will hurt after you get here during employment screening for certain jobs. We understand the whole process can be stressful but you need to calm down.... Patience is what you need and it also gets better with time.
  2. Yes I started taking action after 2 years of waiting without any kind of movement on my case.
  3. Yes I used a NY attorney. Make sure you have all your proof because in the end it’s what’s really going to help you.
  4. He only made sworn statements on 3 occasions at NYC field office that I had committed marriage fraud despite the fact that we had been married for 6 years. USCIS quoted his statements in response to the Mandumus Action. I managed to rebut the allegations by writing a 8 page response outlining specific facts about the marriage. In the end I got my permanent GC and subsequent citizenship.
  5. You need to submit service inquiries and document all their responses. Give it time and if nothing is being done about your case then I would advice you to seek help from an immigration attorney. In my case I had exhausted all means and a Right of Mandamus is what helped. I got to find out what exactly my ex had disclosed to USCIS and I was also given a chance to rebut those allegations.
  6. Yes! USCIS actually listens to allegations made by US citizen spouses. In my case my file was put on hold for a long time and USCIS wasn’t telling me the reason to why they weren’t processing my application until I filed a Right of Mandamus through my attorney.
  7. I filed mine in September 2015 and got approved April 2019, that’s because my ex tried to derail it.
  8. It’s going to be a big deal but self revelation helps.
  9. She’ll face difficulty only if she can not prove that she’s paying child support even though the child is not in her physical custody.
  10. You most like won’t receive a response. I started my immigration journey in 2013. Relocating here on a K-1 visa. Along the way I filed to remove conditions on my GC 2015, little did I know that my soon to be ex never wanted me to live here legally. After a year of waiting for my ROC to be adjudicated I started writing letter to USCIS, senator and ombudsman. I never received any response from USCIS but the senator’s and ombudsman office was able to receive updates about my case. At the time they were told by uscis that my case was being help due to a Security reasons. In 2017 I filed A Mandamus action against USCIS, 4 months after filing I received a letter from the USCIS district director inviting me for an interview and asking me to come with my soon to be ex. At the time of the interview we were separated. I sat in the room with my attorney even though he was asked not to answer any of the questions. The IO grilled me for 4hrs straight, it was intense. My husband was asked to come in and also be interviewed separately. He was in and out in 20 minutes. At the end I was told to wait for a decision. In the mail. 30 days after the first interview I submitted a service request about my case to which they responded informing me that my GC was approved . I excitedly told my soon to be ex about the good news, unfortunately he then decided to personally go to uscis and insisted that I only used him for a GC. 30 days after service request response about GC approval i was called in for a second interview, this time I was questions for 2 hrs and my soon to be ex was questioned for 1.5hr. Still decision was not made. I waited 2 months then I received a NOID and N14. In NOID it was revealed to me that my soon to be ex went to uscis on 3 occasions and made sworn statements about me trafficking a child and committing marriage fraud. The child in question is my biological son he never wanted me to reunite with. what my ex did was that he helped me write an invitation for my minor son because he never wanted to anger me but he then went behind my back and tried intercepting him from entering the US. He doesn’t like kids. What really helped me fight this case is that I still had a copy of the motorized invitation letter that he submitted to the embassy and other joint stuff to prove my case and of course we had dna testing. 8 months after submitting the NOID and N14. Both my GC and citizen were approved. Note: I did not retain an attorney for the NOID and N14.
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