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  1. Thanks for your reply. My wife (US Citizen) lived in Florida all the time when I was staying in Atlanta for the contract jobs.
  2. I live with my wife in Florida in her home(she bought it before marriage)I got conditional green card in 2017. I need to apply for removal of the condition in next few months. In 2018, I got a contract job in Atlanta and I rented a room at two different places back then and came back to Florida after 7 months of the contract. In Jan this year, I got another contract job with a different Company in Atlanta and I am renting a room again. I do come back home every three weeks for a few days. I do have air tickets and other docs like tax return that shows my Florida home address. When I fill the I-751 form in near future; do I put Florida home as my physical address on the form and then put the other addresses where I lived in Atlanta on the last page of the form with dates and put them on a cover letter too. Can someone please advice if this is the correct way ? I never filed AR11 change of address with uscis. As I thought those temporary addresses in Atlanta are not my primary address.
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