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  1. Hello, I'm quite lost so any help will be appreciated including moving this post to the appropriate forum. Thank you. So this is regarding an IR-5 Parent Visa case. My mother has an upcoming interview in Lagos (US green card) and I'm trying to follow the pre-interview guidelines. So I read that I have to create a profile on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ApplicantHome before my mother Visa interviews and this is to ensure that we are able to track how to retrieve the passport with the Visa once it is surrendered at the interview. So I create a profile but I don't know what to do b/c it appears that it wants me to schedule an interview and pay for the Visa???? This site appears to be for individuals who are trying to apply for a regular travel Visa. I don't know. Can anybody give their thoughts about this? I also read that it takes about 10 business days for your Visa to be ready once approved. Since my mom lives in Abuja, and will have to be flying into Lagos and staying at a hotel, it won't be feasible for her to just hang out in Lagos until day 10. Does anyone know if they give you to option to have the passport mailed to you and is this even safe to do in Nigeria. Is my mother to pay for the Visa at the consulate when she interviews or does that happen beforehand? I already paid a fee while I submitted the DS-260 and thought this covers the Visa. This is so confusing. Thanks in advance.
  2. @Robify Sounds good. THank you so much. I hope the Abuja facility operates in the same manner.
  3. Thanks @Sparky223 . Thanks so much for your response! I was panicking b/c I saw somewhere that said to allow at least 14 days for the exam so I wasn't sure if that was the turnaround time. I will have my mother go there first thing Monday morning.
  4. Hello, I just got my interview appointment for my mother. I am a US citizen and I have filed for her green card. I received the notice yesterday (07/11) and the interview date is 08/06. I have a question about the medical exam. Does anyone know if there is typically a wait list at the Abuja, Nigeria facility. Honestly it wouldn't make any sense for there to be a wait list since you can not schedule a medical appointment without the interview notice or am I missing something? Are people scheduling their medical exams before getting the interview date with the hope that they will have the interview letter by the time the appointment rolls along? And I read online that they would need immunization records. My mother is older so she doesn't have one. Any idea how she can get one quickly in the Abuja, Nigeria area. Thank you so much.
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