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  1. I would like to remove my name change request prior now. I have consult with lawyer and it cost 8k just file a Writ of Mandamus.......
  2. Two L2 officers did mention they are doing background checks, but most of them are just saying it is under pending adjudication. The interview officer is very nice and mellow, so there is no red flag for him, everything went smooth except their technical issue.
  3. I called USCIS once a month since March 2018, and I always speak to L2 officer. They all said the same thing asking me to continue waiting and they can't do anything.
  4. I have tried calling them asking for inforpass, but my reason was delay of case. They dont think it is satisfied so they refused my request. So I just send them a copy of my green card, DL and written letter regarding not changing my name to they branch office, does it sound right?
  5. I didn't get the N-652 letter after my interview because there was a technical issue on the day of interview. The officer asked me to come back the next day to sign the documents. He did asked me if he said I passed the interview the day before and I remembered he said I passed. How do I submitted a written letter to the office since that branch no longer accept infopass and walk in?
  6. Yes, I have constantly reach out to USCIS inquired about my case. It is under pending adjudication for one year. I tried reaching out to US. senator, local congresswomen and CIS to have them help me. They received the same respond too. Now I am wondering if I keep my name not change because I request name change in the N400 application.
  7. I have submitted name change along with my N-400 application in 2017, passed interview on July 2018. I haven't received oath ceremony letter yet. I don't want to change name any more, what should I do?
  8. I have no idea how to do it. My zip code is 92612. Can you tell me how? Thanks!
  9. I had my naturalization interview with name change request on July 23, 2018 at Santa Ana, California uscis office. There is no update at all since my interview. It has been delayed almost a years and I have inquired about my case using uscis online tool “out of normal processing time”. It is the same response every time, saying my case is still pending adjudication. I even tried calling uscis and the representative said the same thing as online inquiries. I found out that application for naturalization with name change does have some delay, but for a year??? I’m wondering if my case is normal. Please help!
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