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  1. Well i did follow the one on my naturalization certificate, i hope it’s not gonna be a big deal, finalizing all of the required supporting documents and double and triple checking everything before i send it out this end of the month. Thank you for all the informative responses!
  2. By LEGAL NAME document, from my passport or my citizenship certificate? Thank you very much for replying! Godbless
  3. Well my naturalization certificate the letter M got omitted even tho i have it on my social security, license and passport, i’ve been writing my name like that eversince i got here in america, and I haven’t done any name change petition or anything. That’s why im kinda hesitant to file my K1 visa application because of it, im not really sure if i should fill up the given name with the 2 names and letter M on the middle name to match my passports and id’s or break my 2 names and put one on each on given and middle name to match my naturalization certificate
  4. Hello again guys, i really need your opinion on this topic, to be clear Here is my full Name (Edited to remove personal info) that’s the full name that shows up on my passport, Driver’s license and Social Security Card. So my question is how should I fill up the information about me, do i have to put my first 2 names on given name, and put the M as middle name? My mom was not married and i also checked my birth certificate that no father was listed so i’ve been using her last name and also her middle initial. I’m so confused right now and this is the only one that holding me back on filing my k1 visa any responses will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and Godbless!!
  5. As the title says, my certificate has no middle name but my passport has one, my background was that on my birth certificate no father is listed and took all the middle name and last name from my mom, will that be a possilble issue? edit: naturalization certificate
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