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  1. This is a great idea. Hey everyone. We are just starting out we are IR1. We have an IOE case number and we are in Potomac. We are July 2019 filers. Has anyone with this case number been approved lately ? Please let us know.
  2. Unfortunately that's the cold truth. I can't believe this it's basically a longer wait than to get approval from USCIS. So this process is going to take 2 years or more. And we just started , I am so anxious!!
  3. This is insane. That's practically longer than what USCIS takes to approve petitions. So I am looking at 2 or more years for us to be together. Wow. That' really disappointing. And we just got started which is the worse case!!
  4. We are IOE in Potomac service center. We are priority date July 2019. How long did your approval take ? We are almost 4 months in and very anxious!!
  5. Thank you so much. It's hard you know seeing people get interviews as little as in a week from case complete. And here are some embassies taking longer than USCIS to give a damn interview. It's revolting.
  6. Wow! That sucks. For residents interviews are 15 months or more , and for Citizens its 12 months or more. Now this changed from May 2019 on because Citizen interview in Guyana were only taking up to 6 months. Now I ask , what's so special of being a citizen ? I don't see the priority , if anything Resident petitons are much faster now than Citizens. I can't believe these super long wait times for Citizens for approvals , for nvc , for embassies. Its all bad!!
  7. Hoping this ends soon. Glad to see some movement. We are in Potomac , July 2019. I want this to wait to come to an end , seeing how long an interview in Guyana is taking is giving me so much anxiety. Wait times for an interview surpassing 12 months for CITIZENS!! Ugh!! This is going to take almost 2 years or more for us!!
  8. Wow. Were still waiting for approval from USCIS. This is definitely not good news.
  9. I completely agree with you. I mean to be honest all service centers should work together and speed up this process for all of us. The wait is very harsh. Specially for some of us whose US Embassy is taking more than a year to schedule an interview. My embassy is Georgetown Guyana , and citizen interviews currently taking more than a year , so this is going to be a very long process.
  10. Omg that sucks... I though potomac was the fastest service center. Oh well don't have any other choice than to keep waiting. Will keep each other posted. Headed into month 4 next month waiting so I guess for now it's not that bad.
  11. Hey everyone. Glad to see a July Filers thread. We are PD July 3 2019. We got an IOE receipt and we are in Potomac. Does anyone know what PD dates is Potomac approving ? Hope this ends soon for all of us.
  12. HI... Another CR1 from Cuba here. Message if you need any help. You can also find help here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539081396519825/

  13. That’s great!! Keep each other posted then. I think Potomac is working on March. I’ve seen some people get approved in 3 months. Hopefully that’s our case!! Best of wishes!!
  14. Hello everyone!! I’m a Potomac filer. PD is July 1st 2019. We’ve recently received our NOA1. I just wanted to create a group we’re we can keep each other posted on Potomac approvals.
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