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  1. Can't blame anyone for that, I can imagine the pressure is chart topping. Thanks for sharing. It sucks but we are still very excited and looking forward to it regardless. Funny thing, we are only going to live in the US about 5 years then permanently moving back to the PI, as I have secured a position teaching in a Seminary. But we still need to do this for this season.
  2. I am sure you might have shared this payxibka, but why was she initially denied? I would like to avoid that scenario if possible. Thank you, Kelly
  3. Ok, thank you for that, I just felt like any originals that I could get would be better anyway, and I will be there so, why not? Thanks again
  4. Hello all, I am just beginning my journey to file the K1 for my fiance and me. We met online in December of 2018. I made first visit to Manila in January of 2019. I met her and her family there. We toured area and I have pictures of all our locations with me, her, and family. We talk every day on Facebook Messenger, twice a day, and we text constantly, whenever feasible. I am returning July 23rd for a month, taking a ring and going to the province to get engaged. I have the family blessing etc. I am taking the application with me for her to sign, and the letters of intent. I have been debating on using a service to help get it right the first time but I am finding here that so many of you have successfully navigated the process without the use of a service and I would rather invest in bringing her here then padding some others pockets for something I can do. Like nearly all people, I am just concerned about screwing up. I am looking for assurance that I am following a good course, and some guidance as well. I have been at the same job for 11 years, very stable, home owner for same 11 in the same neighborhood. She has been working consistently in Manila for 6 years. Any advice to get the ball rolling? The letter of intent you all use has a space for which station I will be sending it to, and from what I have read that would be the Texas drop box, is that accurate? Thanks for anything and everything, and I know it must be tedious to some who see the same things over and over, but like one of you said in a pinned post, its new to some of us every day. I for one will be passing on anything I learn to others as well, in hopes of making their experience as good as mine has been so far. Thanks, Kelly (American) Hanel (Filipina)
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