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  1. Alright, I’ll contact them as soon as possible. Thank you for your reply. I was so frustrated after I found this situation. Your reply really helped me a lot. 😭😭
  2. Hi!! So you waited until NVC sent your case to paris, right? Our case is still at NVC, I think I will contact to seoul embassy (embassy that I wish to have an interview) soon! Thank god, your case has been transferred to germany so quickly! That’s awesome!! I hope there will be NO such delay while transferring our case from one to another embassy. ☹️ Thanks a lot.
  3. Do I have to wait until NVC sends our case to the original embassy? (Abu dhabi) or Can we just contact Seoul embassy, where I want to be interviewed at, with case number and explanation? I just don't know when is the best time to do that.... because our case is still in NVC.
  4. Hello guys, My fiance lives in seattle and I (beneficiary) am currently living in dubai, but going back to Korea (which is my hometown) next week. At that time when we filed the petition, my current address was ‘dubai’ but we definitely identified Korea (Seoul) as my interview embassy. But today we found out our case will be transferred into Abu dhabi, not Seoul. (It started ABD) NVC call center spokesman told me ‘we can’t change or anything, you need to contact to Abu dhabi embassy to transfer the case to Seoul embassy’ This is so frustrating..... We’ll reach out to Abu duabi embassy once my petitioner gets an email from NVC. (that means by that time NVC already sent our case to the embassy, right?) Has anyone had same experience? Anyone had transferred your case from one embassy to another? How long does it take usually? Please advise us... Thank You.
  5. Thank you so much!! We just got our NoA2 few days ago, but can we still ask for our case number? Isn’t too early?
  6. Hi 😃 We just received our NoA2 (yay) and waiting for case number from NVC. My fiance (petitioner) moved to another place today and we know that we need to change the his address through USCIS website. I (beneficiary) am currently living in dubai and I’m going back to Korea, where I’ll have an interview, next month. In this case, how should I update my new address and contact number? Contact to NVC or embassy itself? I know my fiance will be received a notification from NVC via email once they send our petition to embassy, but how the embassy will contact me if my contact number is changed? TIA!!
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