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  1. Just had my oath yesterday, you only need Oath letter and greed card. They asked other docs you may have (e.g. employment authorization card,etc.) but not required, they basically just take whatever you gave to them and destroy it since you don’t need them anymore once you became citizen.
  2. when preparing my N400/I751 combo interview, I realized that my home country passport has expired. is that going to be an issue during the interview? I don't have enough time to get a new one either.
  3. @Nayda thanks for sharing! Sorry to make you write this again. That’s very frustrating the way they are handling your case. Hopefully you will hear from them soon on the I751 approval. Best of luck!
  4. @dilip thank you for sharing your experience. So did you get both your I751 and N400 approved right after that interview?
  5. @Nayda thank you for sharing! I’m surprised that even they told you most likely it will be a combo interview but still didn’t happen. Sorry to hear that. How did you find out the IO has requested your I751 but no one responded, did IO tell you during the N400 interview? Did you have to do another interview for I751 before it’s approved? Hopefully you will hear from them soon on the oath date.
  6. Thanks @dilip @David1987 @dilip is there a way to know whether my case has assigned to an officer in the local office? I'm thinking to call USCIS customer service and ask L2 officer to find out, but not sure if they will tell me. I really hoping that my interview will include I751, so trying to do whatever I can beforehand. but sounds like I might have to find out the day of.
  7. quick question, in order for USCIS to conduct a combo interview during the N400 interview while I751 still pending, does the I751 status needs to change to " case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction" prior to the N400 interview? if so, how do you make USCIS do the case transfer prior to the N400 interview? Thank you.
  8. Hi all, I have followed this thread for a while but never posted before, thanks all for sharing your experience! I have my N400 interview scheduled in August with a pending ROC (I751), the interview notice didn't mention anything related to the I751. I'm hoping that it will be a combo interview and they can approve my I751 at the same time. I have sent a service request to ask if the interview will be a combo interview but seems like I won't hear back until end of July. Anyone else have similar experience with a pending I751 at the time of N400 interview? what did you do to have them do a combo interview for you? what evidence (supporting docs) to bring to the interview? please share if you have any tips/advice. Thank you for your help in advance! Note: my filed office is in Holtsville, long island. I have filed my I751 on March, 2018 and still pending approval. I filed my N400 based on the 3 year married to a US citizen.
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