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  1. She’s not in her home country at this moment. She’s in the U.S on B2 visa.
  2. Oh okay. Thanks! I believe he has a property here. It’s not a do or die. They were just curious to know if it was possible. They both live abroad at the moment. She’s on b2 visa.
  3. Hi, can someone help me out? Asking for a friend. Her husband is a US citizen based abroad (Nigeria), they got married in the U.S as well. How will he go about petitioning for his spouse & her adjusting status since he spends most of his time and works abroad.
  4. CSC might be moving faster now. After 9 days since submitting RFE, my case got approved. Good luck to everyone.
  5. Hi all, wanted to give an update. It’s such a huge relief receiving this message. I got approved after 9 days since they received my RFE. Filed with CSC. I will advice anyone who received RFE, preparing to file I-751 to prepare a Will/Power of attorney and include with your application. Wishing the best of luck to every person with pending application. (I was a worrying machine as well) Your good news is coming.
  6. Hi, how long did it take for status to be updated as received RFE? USPS confirmed delivery of mine since Thursday, but no update yet. Just curious. Thanks!
  7. Thanks so much for this. Very helpful. My marriage also has a big age gap, in your letter, was it very detailed, like explaining how you met and all of that? I wanna have an idea on how my husband will go about writing his.
  8. Hi, do you mind sharing what you sent back to them after RFE? I’m gathering my documents as well since receiving the RFE and all information I get will be helpful. Thanks
  9. Hi, do you mind sharing what documents you sent back to them and did they need more evidence of financial commingling? Thanks! I’m in the same boat and I’m preparing my documents to send back to them.
  10. Oh wow. That’s a lottt. Thanks, waiting on the letter, will let you know for sure. Thanks a lot
  11. Hi. Please can you tell me what you sent them back for proof of cohabitation?
  12. Thanks for your response. Yes yes please do. Also, did you resend what you sent before or all totally new?
  13. Thank you so much for your response. It is useful. Okay, I’ll anxiously wait to see what is required. Mine is with CSC and Congratulations on your approval.
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