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  1. Oh wow. That’s a lottt. Thanks, waiting on the letter, will let you know for sure. Thanks a lot
  2. Hi. Please can you tell me what you sent them back for proof of cohabitation?
  3. Thanks for your response. Yes yes please do. Also, did you resend what you sent before or all totally new?
  4. Thank you so much for your response. It is useful. Okay, I’ll anxiously wait to see what is required. Mine is with CSC and Congratulations on your approval.
  5. I have just gotten an email about receiving an RFE after waiting for so long. Please can people who received an RFE tell me what was sent initially, what they needed from you, what you sent back to them and if you’ve been approved? Also, does the RFE letter explicitly state what it is required of you? Thank you!
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